Airbnb Booking Management

According to your preferences we will confirm new bookings and manage your calendar maximizing unit occupancy. Our Airbnb Management Team and your dedicated Airbnb Manager will handle everything from start to finish. Extensive communication often occurs before booking is confirmed. Prospective guests inquire about the details of your Airbnb accommodation. No matter what the request is our Airbnb Management Service covers it.

Calendar Management is yet another important aspect of Airbnb Property Management. It is one of the most important tasks that so many Airbnb Management Companies overlook. MasterHost on the other hand pays special attention to it and does it with passion. Shortly after signing up with MasterHost you will notice the difference when your dedicated Airbnb Property Manager increases your property occupancy rate by optimizing calendar management.

Using our unique software MasterHost is able to monitor daily change in market rates and adjust the nightly rates and the minimum duration of guests’ stay. Our Airbnb Management goes way beyond what competition offers. We make sure your investment brings you the highest capitalization rate. MasterHost’s Airbnb Property Management in Vancouver is a leader in reaching your financial targets.