Airbnb Management in North Vancouver, BC

City of North Vancouver – Airbnb Property Management

Popular for its safety that outstands even the biggest Canadian cities, North Vancouver is just the cozy spot for vacations, one-day getaways, and business stops. Its safety and cleanliness sum it up to be a pretty grand spot for anyone to stay the night. Nay, stay the month! This city is only emerging in the Airbnb industry but has seemed to already find its spot.

Knowing about the following statistics will help you to further understand how Airbnb management in North Vancouver works for the best.

Rental Rates

When picking out a property to rent in North Vancouver, you will be faced with an average daily rate of $147. It is a visible pattern in cities like Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver to have Airbnbs priced at above $100/day. And it’s obvious! The Vancouver cities have a lot to offer to the world with their irresistibly gorgeous weather and scenic beauty. But it’s not just that since the Airbnb management in North Vancouver plays a major role as well. It is common knowledge that these cities fetch higher rates because of their reputation and environment… and you simply can’t miss out on that incredible city life!

The total number of available rentals is lower than Vancouver but almost equal to West Vancouver. However, there certainly is a high demand for properties, that is for sure.

Sizes and Details

Out of the 400 available properties, statistics show that exactly three-quarters of them are entire home rentals. The remaining one-fourth of the rentals are private rooms for people traveling independently. This just further explains the delight of booking out an Airbnb that comes with the comfort of a home.

Airbnb Management North Vancouver

Rental Specification Demands

It is always important to see what kind of specifications the general public is interested in when it comes to rental properties. According to collected data, guests visiting North Vancouver are more likely going to choose an Airbnb that has one room. A lesser percentage of them will opt for a property with two rooms. An even smaller percentage of only 11% will go for a three-roomed rental.

Where Do The Bookings Come From?

Depending on where the rental has been listed, that plays a big role in determining the target audience. In North Vancouver, hosts like to ease their Airbnb management in North Vancouver by using the Airbnb website to post listings. However other platforms are also used. Websites like VRBO are put in good use to further publicize the listings. However even though airbnb.com is the primary spot for bookings, sometimes the listings are posted on multiple platforms all at once. Our recommendation however would be to stick with Airbnb, then use various social channels to increase your customer acquisition.

Satisfactory Ratings

A rough estimate of 90% of all Airbnb guests in North Vancouver has proven to rate their property above 4.5. That comes across as no surprise since the city is breathtaking and the quality of Airbnb management in North Vancouver doesn’t fall short. Moreover, the standard of residency is also top-notch, so much so that the average overall rating amounts up to 4.8. That is considered pretty high seeing as how other contemporary and highly populated cities hardly scrape a 4.6 rating. On top of that, it is worth mentioning that North Vancouver is still only establishing its spot and doing really good at it.

Customer Convenience

The high rating that we mentioned earlier can be a product of multiple things such as environment, hospitality and more than anything the Airbnb management in North Vancouver. Everybody loves having their convenience considered highly and that is exactly what North Vancouver hosts do. With a cancellation margin of 83%, you could say it is pretty convenient and flexible to book an Airbnb there.

How Long Will The Guests Stay?

Statistics show that the percentage of guests who stay for one or two nights are fairly similar. However, as the duration of the stay increases, the percentages drop dramatically within this city. A key focus around well priced single night stays with high turnover and booking rates would be an essential part of successful planning within this city as a host.

Being an Airbnb Host can be time consuming, frustrating and at some times just outright crazy. When it comes to adding a touch of class, professionalism and core business structure to your Airbnb Listings, you’ll want to seek some advice from the best in Airbnb Management in North Vancouver. Feel free to contact our team at any time by clicking on the botton below.