Airbnb Management in Squamish, BC

Squamish, a scenic jewel of British Columbia, Canada boasts all the joys of life. From mesmerizing marine landscapes and skyscraping mountains to a well-developed infrastructure, yet with a relaxed lifestyle, Squamish is a desirable destination for those seeking a luxurious respite from the big city’s bustle.

Squamish is great in every respect. Some of the most convincing reasons why people are flocking to this place include:

  • 40-minute proximity to Vancouver and a 30-minute drive to the astonishing snows of Whistler.
  • An extremely low crime rate.
  • Well-established schools and prestigious educational institutions.
  • One of the best mountain resorts in the world with plenty of local events around the year.
  • The abundance and greatness of lakes!
  • The exploding rec-tech industry (recreation technology).
  • An incredible development of oceanfront lands initiated by Newport Beach is transforming the town.
  • Squamish’s median annual household income of $89,012 is 30% greater than the national average!
  • A small, yet speedily growing population of 20,000 residents that is expected to double in the nearest future. Over 60 % of the population is young people under 40.

The babyboom, tremendous downtown developments, and an overall cozy vibe are amongst the strongest appeals behind Squamish. The real estate market has only been getting hotter over recent years in Squamish because it is one of the most rapidly growing communities in British Columbia. All these factors make Squamish worth your serious consideration if you want to invest in Airbnb property somewhere in British Columbia, Canada.

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Daily Rental Rate

An average daily rate for a vacation rental in Squamish is $194, but this price may go remarkably higher during the hot tourist season. It’s not untypical for many hosts in Squamish to make $2000-3000 every month on their short-term rentals. But the short-term rental revenue depends on many factors including seasonality, upcoming events, and the overall situation in the town. The rental occupancy rate is over 71%, but it also depends.

Available Amenities

Hosts and property managers in Squamish strive to deliver an excellent guest experience and equip their short-term rentals with all the comforts a person may need while away from home. Amenities to be found in Squamish rentals generally include air conditioning, heating, washers, dryers, fully-equipped kitchens, parking, Internet, cable TV, and hot tubs.

However, vacation rentals with swimming pools are rare in Squamish. Despite this little shortcoming, the overall Airbnb rating in Squamish is 4.84 where 93% of rentals continuously receive at least 4.5 stars for their value, cleanliness, check-in easiness, and host communication.

Rental Types in Squamish BC

A pretty little town tucked away from the noise and hustle of Vancouver in a dramatically beautiful place at the tip of Howe Sound, Squamish is rightfully called the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. The town provides ample opportunities for nature activities such as hiking, biking, rock-climbing, fishing, trails, and kayaking. Featuring some of the best parks in British Columbia, Squamish is loved by both nature lovers and sports nerds. The Airbnb property profile in Squamish fully meets the demands of travelers who primarily come here with their families and friends.

Squamish features nearly 200 active rentals. Over 86% of them are entire homes, while the remaining rentals are private rooms. Shared rooms are not in huge demand in this area. The prevailing rental size is one, two, and three-bedroom homes. Studios and 5+ bedroom accommodation are less popular.

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Short-Term Rental Platforms in Squamish

83% of vacation rental hosts in Squamish prefer to advertise their offerings through the Airbnb system. 5% of hosts tend to promote their rentals through Vrbo. 12% of hosts list on both platforms to maximize their chance to make a deal. Other booking marketplaces are in little demand with Squamish homeowners and rental managers.

Rental Cancellation and Stay Duration Policies in Squamish

25% of short-term rental providers in Squamish have a flexible cancellation policy. Moderate cancellation standards are utilized by 31% of hosts, while 33% of homeowners will establish strict cancellation rules for their vacation accommodation units. The remaining 11% of homeowners set no booking cancellation requirements for their guests.

A minimum stay of 1 night is required by 21% of Airbnb hosts, while 31% of homeowners will ask you to place a reservation for at least 2 nights. 18% of rental managers in Squamish will demand you to book their accommodation for 30 nights minimum.

Smart and Easy Airbnb Management with MasterHost

Although Squamish BC is an attractive tourist destination brimming with lots of opportunities for top-quality relaxation, running a short-term rental property here is an arduous job. From advertising and Airbnb SEO to guest communication, booking management, and property maintenance – operating a rental home in a popular resort like Squamish may drain all your energy and enthusiasm.

Comprehensive Airbnb management solutions like MasterHost exist to save you from that headache. Coming with a broad array of features like Unified Inbox, Sale Channels Management, Team Collaboration, Auto-Pricing, Airbnb Insurance, Check-In Management amongst others, MasterHost streamlines every aspect of your short-term rental business, helping you save tons of time and resources. Book a free consultation to know how MasterHost can boost your vacation rental business in Squamish BC.