• Airbnb Key Exchange

Most hosts agree: Airbnb key exchange is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks. This is especially true for short-term rental apartments and condominiums. Meeting guests almost daily and ensuring their smooth and comfortable Airbnb key exchange takes a lot of patience and can be complicated.

On the one hand, anything can happen with guest’s arrival: delayed flights, lost baggage, issues with transfers, etc. This can turn into a major issue if you are meeting the guests yourself.

Airbnb Key Exchange Vancouver

How it works?

Airbnb Key Exchange Vancouver

There are 3 valuable tasks our company will carry out for you:

  1. Airbnb key exchange. We are responsible for smooth check-ins: assuring your guests get access to the property 24/7. It doesn’t matter, if they are late or got the wrong address: our team is there to provide great level of service anytime of day or night. Our job is to keep the guests happy and grateful.
  2. Ensuring key security. We will make sure the guests are reminded about the check out procedures and how to handle keys return. The guest’s check-out will go as smooth as their check-in.
  3. Replacing the locks/FOBs in case the lost keys. If something goes sideways, we will handle all emergencies so you don’t have to. Lost keys or missing FOBs is no longer your headache.

Why Airbnb keys management is a win-win?

Allowing MasterHost to handle the Airbnb keys management service can benefit both you and your guests. Avoid your guests facing unexpected difficulties upon their arrival and allow us to make the check-in process fast and convenient – they can come anytime and get no late fees charged. It’s very likely that most of them will be ready to leave great reviews on Airbnb about high-quality service and smooth check-in process.

We will take care of the entire process and make sure your guests’ first impression is no less than a 5-star!