• Airbnb Professional Photography

Why Airbnb Professional Photography is so important?

Statistics show that beautiful property images attract more views resulting in more bookings and higher occupancy. It is important to present your space in the best light and at the same time be true to your future guests showing only what will be available to them upon arrival. Airbnb Professional Photography is crucial to your listing as it will directly affect confirmed bookings and your occupancy rate.

A professional photographer will play an essential role in accentuating your property’s key features, making sure the correct lighting and angles are captured, and also in helping your listing stand out dramatically from the crowd, giving you a competitive advantage. MasterHost offers a professional Airbnb photography as part of its services to all clients.

Airbnb Professional Photography in Vancouver

What can Airbnb photographer offer you?

Airbnb Professional Photography in Vancouver

We will arrange for a professional Airbnb photographer to visit your home and complete a stunning photoshoot highlighting all important features. Photos speak louder than words and are the number one factor that will promote your listing to potential Airbnb guests.

So, what about the costs? The costs of the service vary from person to person based on a few different factors; the availability of the photographer, the location of the property, the size of the property, and the number of photos that need to be taken and edited.

Combining this with our incredible interior design service, we will be able to stage your home in a way that will not only make it easier for the Airbnb photographer to capture great shots, but also give off a fantastic impression about what your home has to offer.

Benefits of Our Airbnb Photography Service

  • Our Airbnb photography provides a clean, luxurious and aesthetic look to your listing. Meaning that the perceived value of your property will be higher, allowing you to charge higher prices and capture a bigger percentage of the profit margin.
  • Professional Airbnb photography will allow your listings to stand out from the hundreds if not thousands of others displayed within your region. Capturing that potential guests’ attention is paramount to getting bookings.
  • It makes your property more ‘share worthy’. Gorgeous photos that stand out and look beautiful will encourage people to show their friends and family and share their upcoming stays on social media. Thus driving more traffic to your listings.
  • Airbnb Professional photography will help diminish the customers looking for a ‘cheap’ Airbnb experience and will instead allow you to focus on the guests who are looking to premium rates for a unique property.

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