Airbnb Management in White Rock, BC

Oh, White Rock, a pretty little gem belonging to the Metro Vancouver Regional District. Located less than a one-hour drive from downtown Vancouver, the city is a lovely seaside resort that is also close to the Peace Arch border crossing to the US.
White Rock BC borders Semiahmoo Bay and is surrounded by South Surrey. The place got its funny name after the white cliff that stands on the beach. The rock became white because shellfish-eating seabirds were covering it with their guano for many centuries. But today, as the city is developing and growing, the rock is kept white by annual applications of white paint arranged by the local government.
A beautiful little city with striking marine views, White Rock features a close-knit community, breathtaking nature, and immediate proximity to the ocean, which together make it a hot tourist destination and a hub for family entertainment.
Famed for its historic pier and one of the best beaches in the entire country, White Rock is charming. Globe trotters flock to this area to explore the pristine beach, stroll the pier, shop at locally-owned boutiques, browse eclectic galleries, visit craft breweries, and take in fabulous views and landscapes.

Airbnb management in White Rock

Fondly called a “beach town”, White Rock, BC is your wonderful opportunity to get a property with mesmerizing waterfront scenery. Whether you are looking for a small detached house for yourself, a large home for your big family, or a cozy fashionable condo, White Rock has it all, and all the options are amazing! You will be surprised to know that the average real estate price here is only $1.2 million, compared to the $1.4 million home price tags in Vancouver.
A very popular destination during warm seasons, White Rock deserves serious consideration if you want to start a vacation rental business that is destined to thrive. Here is some vital information that will help hosts know more about Airbnb property management in White Rock, BC.

White Rock Airbnb Business

A town of the glorious beach and all the joys of living near to big water, White Rock can boast of a successful Airbnb market and high demand for short-stay rentals, especially during the summer. That is so because the town strikes a balance between the opportunities of a big metropolis (thanks to its proximity to Vancouver) and the relaxed lifestyle due to the prevalence of seaside resorts.
The average daily rate for a one-night booking currently revolves around $182. Averagely, Airbnb hosts have an occupancy rate of 70%, but this metric always spikes as the tourist season approaches. Usually, Airbnb entrepreneurs in White Rock BC make $2,242 per month, but during peak times, it is not untypical for them to earn several folds more.

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Airbnb Property Types in White Rock BC

The number of active rentals in White Rock currently amounts to 72 units, which points at quite dense competition given the fact that the entire population of the city is just 20 thousand citizens. The largest share of the Airbnb market (80%) is presented by entire homes. The demand for such properties is not surprising because White Rock is a holiday town, attractive for tourists who travel with their families and friends.

Still, there is an evident demand for private one-room Airbnb homes as well because it is not uncommon for couples or single individuals to escape from the big city life to the seawater quietude of White Rock. 14% of the active Airbnb rentals are private rooms. Shared rooms are not sought-after in this location at a rough estimate of 1%.

TAs for the rental size, tourists tend to primarily seek one or two-bedroom accommodation in White Rock. 38% of the prospects are looking for exactly such properties. Three-bedroom Airbnb units are also popular, but not as much as smaller units, as only 17% of the guests book such offerings. Four or five-bedroom homes are hardly desirable among travelers, having a less than 5% demand.

Virtually all Airbnb properties in White Rock, British Columbia, offer the essential comforts for a relaxed stay. 99% of short-term rentals will have Internet access, an air conditioner, a heating system, a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom, and a parking space. However, such luxurious amenities as a hot tub, cable TV, or a pool are less frequent in this location because only up to 11% of the rentals will come with these extras.

Rental Booking Platforms in White Rock

White Rock hosts usually do their rental property management through the Airbnb platform, since 72% of the available rentals are promoted through this very website. However, VRBO is also another sales channel employed by rental hosts and managers. However, only 14% of hosts rely on this platform to advertise their rentals. 14% of rentals are published on both booking websites. Obviously, Airbnb is the most trusted outlet among hosts in White Rock, BC.

Airbnb Stay and Cancellation Policies in White Rock

Nearly 30% of hosts establish a flexible booking cancellation policy for their Airbnb management in White Rock. It means that guests will receive a full refund if they decide to cancel a reservation at least 24 hours before checking in.

However, 36% of White Rock rental hosts have strict cancellation rules and may refuse to provide a full refund if the booking is canceled.

26% of homeowners gravitate toward a moderate booking cancellation regime that allows receiving a money-back guarantee if the deal has been torn up 5 days before the actual check-in.

Around 31% of guests will place a reservation for a single night. Furthermore, 25% of users choose to stay 2 nights, and nearly 20% will eagerly stay for the full month in White Rock.

Airbnb rentals in White Rock frequently receive the cherished five stars from happy guests. The overall Airbnb rating lies at around 4.59 for accuracy, communication, cleanliness, and location.

If you want to take an edge over rivals and achieve a truly effective Airbnb business in White Rock, BC, hire professional rental managers like those from MasterHost. We can streamline every aspect of your short-term rental enterprise, from guest communication and booking management to property maintenance, review administration, and Airbnb SEO. We know how to set your rental business to success, so get in touch with us to make the most of your vacation rental home in White Rock.