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City of Richmond – Airbnb Property Management

If there is any place you are thinking of flying to for the holidays, think no further than Richmond, BC. It’s known for its natural beauty that will pull at all your heart’s strings and leave you daydreaming for months later. From parks to cycling routes, to its heritage facilities, there is just no end to just how much this city can surprise you. Everyone who chooses to book a ticket there will probably wish it is a one-way ticket. Unsurprisingly, the rental business in Richmond is booming. If you find yourself lost with how to handle Airbnb management in Richmond, BC, our proven statistics can help direct you.

Daily Rates

Richmond is a high-quality city with expensive daily rates. The Airbnb management in Richmond is of top-notch quality, so don’t expect a small price tag. You can expect to find an Airbnb property for $136 for only one day. Falling only a few bucks short than the famous city of Vancouver, you could say there’s a competition between both cities. The market demand is known to be fairly high as well as looking at the high potential that the city has.

Airbnb Management Richmond

Active Rental Types

Out of the available 1,250 active rentals, about 700 of them are private rooms. That makes about 55% of the total number of Airbnbs. While the remaining approximate 45% is of entire home rentals. This data can be interpreted in many ways as private room Airbnb’s are a fairly good choice. Couples, small families and even friends are more likely going to choose private rooms. There is a higher possibility of independent guests booking a single room as when compared to families booking out homes. On top of that, booking out a full home when you’re only visiting doesn’t sound right. There are also lots of business opportunities in Richmond which can explain business people traveling alone and renting single rooms.

Following this data, in Richmond the bigger the properties the larger demand is placed on them. Studio homes make up only 5% of the total amount of rentals. Consequently, 24% of the rest have one room, 48% have two rooms and 52% have three rooms. The process of Airbnb management in Richmond gets ultimately harder with bigger homes but if they are demanded, it’s counted as a success for you.

What You Get

Seeing as how big and spacious the homes are in Richmond; the amenities do not disappoint. Facilities such as parking, internet, heating and dryer availability are easily attainable in almost 90% of all properties. Not just that but washing machines and a kitchen prescience are also included. Comparatively, swimming pools, hot tubs, and unlimited cable TV are also available in a pretty high percentage of rentals. That is when comparing them to other city’s rentals like Vancouver and Surrey.

Ratings According to Airbnb Management in Richmond

The overall ratings for Richmond Airbnb properties are however low, well in comparison to many other main Canadian cities. That can be because of other reasons such as inhospitable hosts or such. Seeing as how the amenities and space provided is fairly high, customers are unlikely to be displeased. With a final score of 4.52, it is significantly lower than other cities providing rentals of lesser services.

But then again, the low ratings cannot be attributed to the property quality. Instead, it could be because of the Airbnb management in Richmond. Maybe a host and guest misunderstanding as well as coincidental mishaps. 74% of guests are still likely to rate their experience above 4.5, just make sure you focus on making their experience unforgettable and you’ll have a sure-fire chance to rise through the ranks.

Minimum stay

Almost 55% of guests will stay for a single night. This number drops drastically as only 20% are willing to stay for 2 nights. However, according to the provided data, it is seen that 7% of guests will stay for more than a month. That is significantly higher than in other cities where only 3 or 4% of guests are willing to stay for more than 30 days. This may lead to the poorer review score, as it’s more likely for your guest to experience a few unfortunate circumstances when staying for a longer duration. That’s why a professional team to help you increase the overall experience for the guest is vital…

Airbnb Property Management can be difficult, especially for new hosts. If you want to add a touch of professionalism and quality to your Airbnb business, simply get in touch with our team and we will be able to assist.