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Nice To Meet You!

MasterHost team consists of seasoned, hard-working, and talented specialists, delivering a full range of Airbnb Property Management services and helping your business grow and prosper. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada we serve Airbnb property owners globally in 16 countries and counting. Our mission is to undertake the most challenging and complicated tasks of vacation rental property management on behalf of our clients.

How We Started

The story of our company started back in 2014. While working in a traditional long-term property management industry we were exploring an emerging rental platform called Airbnb and quickly realized that a major change was coming to the way people rented their properties. That year we officially launched MasterHost as the first company in Canada specializing in Airbnb management.

Why Trust Us?

Our team has a deep understanding of the industry, possesses extensive knowledge & experience, and uses cutting-edge smart pricing and management software. We can anticipate and prevent arising issues and seamlessly solve problems. This, in turn, helps our clients to receive appreciation and positive reviews from guests, therefore, improving their business and increasing their income.

Meet Our Team


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