Airbnb Management in Burnaby, BC

City of Burnaby – Airbnb Property Management

One of the biggest cities in British Columbia, Burnaby is a great blend of culture and beauty. A sight for any traveler’s sore eyes. You never have to worry about safety or unpleasant weather conditions. Yes, it does get cold (it is Canada after all) but the city is centrally located to many delightful places. Downtown Vancouver is only 15 minutes away from Burnaby if you choose the proper mode of transportation. Airbnb management in Burnaby, on another note, is downright impressive. Affordable with a wide variety of homes and inclusivity, this city wins!

Burnaby Airbnbs  

If you are looking to stay the night in any Burnaby Airbnb then you can expect the average daily rate to be around $98. Even though the price tag is cheaper than most other cities, the Airbnb management in Burnaby does not decrease. This city does not disappoint while simultaneously offering an affordable rate. Consequently, you will find that there is a considerably high demand in the market for them. This should not be shocking because the city is highly populated and it isn’t uncommon for foreigners to flock to it.

Active Rentals And What They Are

1,300 is the round off estimate of all the available rental properties in Burnaby. Half of these rentals are entire homes waiting to be booked. The other half is a rough approximation of single private rooms. Take it as you will, this could be a great opportunity for a host to succeed in this city and dominate the SEO side of things with only 1300 competitor listings to rival. With the right Airbnb management in Burnaby, you’ll be shooting for the stars soon. Keep reading to know about all the details.

Airbnb Management Burnaby

Hosting Platforms for Airbnb Management in Burnaby

A majority of the Airbnb guests and hosts will select the Airbnb website as their primary option for booking and advertising respectively. 94% of all the available properties are posted up on the Airbnb website. Only 3% are published on similar platforms like VRBO. However, according to the data collected this very same 3% of properties are also available on the Airbnb website. Meaning that hosts will choose to sometimes publish their rental on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. But just know Airbnb is the spot where people go to first.

Rental Sizes

5% of Burnaby’s rentals are studio homes, 31% are homes with one room and 39% have two rooms. There seems to be an indication of a drop in data as only 4% of the properties have three rooms. On the other hand, 14% of properties have four rooms and 12% have five rooms. Although the studio homes are easier from the aspect of Airbnb management in Burnaby, they are not guests’ first pick. The rise and drop in the data pattern can be attributed to the nature of properties generally available in Burnaby. And that, no one likes three-roomed houses!

Amenities And Services

The general majority of properties have satisfactory amenities available. More than 90% have heating, internet, and dryer facilities. Parking services are also provided as well as washing machines and kitchen availability in the properties. However, TV and luxuries like swimming pools are slightly lesser in abundance. Air conditioning services are available in 50% of properties only. However seeing as the city has considerably mild weather all year round, AC service doesn’t qualify as a necessity.

Airbnb ratings

With an average overall rating of 4.58, you could say that the service is not entirely displeasing. Only 77% of guests are reported to read their properties at about 4.5. This is slightly less than the approximate 80%+ that most British Columbian cities have.

Cancellation Flexibility

Cancellation is never something that Airbnb hosts like to be faced with. However, it is inevitable. In Burnaby, the general response to cancellation is not that flexible when you compare it to other cities like Vancouver or Surrey. However, it is way bigger than those cities, which makes sense.

Stay Duration

Nearly 50% of all guests are likely to stay for one night. Approximately 30% will choose to stay for 2 nights. As the number of days increases the guests will lessen. It goes down 3% when looking at how many are willing to stay for a month.

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