Airbnb сleaning 

It’s important to understand that whilе it may be tempting to undertake the cleaning roles in your property yourself, there are many key benefits of professional Airbnb cleaning and laundry services that need to be considered.

Pareto’s law states that 80% of all outcomes result from 20% of the input. When applying this principle to Airbnb hosting, this law comes into effect in a few different ways. First of all, it is a fact that 80% of all negative reviews stem from one root source (the 20% factor if you will), poor and unprofessional levels of cleanliness during the guests stay.

Secondly, it can be looked at from a time-based standpoint. Around 80% of hosts noted that the one task that took up more of their time than anything else was their Airbnb cleaning. When trying to undertake the role of the Airbnb cleaner themselves, many hosts not only waste large periods of their time cleaning, but also lose out on important time they could spend on key areas that affect sales, such as marketing for example.

The benefits of professional Airbnb cleaning summary

  • ☑ Better reviews: the cleanliness level just can’t be replicated by a host who is not an experienced and professional cleaner;
  • ☑ More time saved: important time is saved so that the host can get back to the important roles, such as marketing;
  • ☑ Way less stress! As Airbnb cleaning is time sensitive, especially with some hosts offering minimum 1-night stays, there can be a lot of stress involved in making sure the property is consistently ready and clean on time.

What services for houses we provide

Don’t undertake the role of the Airbnb cleaner yourself – check out the list of services we provide here first. We can also send you a free quote!


  • • Cleaning the dishes
  • • Cabinet/ Counter-Top Cleaning
  • • Appliances Cleaning
  • • Sink Cleaning
  • • Bin Cleaning/ Garbage Removal
  • • Floor Cleaning (Vacuum & Mopping)
  • • Wipe Baseboards
  • • Wipe Door Frames
  • • Oven Cleaning
  • • Replacement of broken/missing kitchenware
  • • Window/ Window Panel Cleaning
  • • Floor and Wall Scuff Removal
  • • Dusting and Artwork Cleaning
  • • Air-conditioning & Fan Top Cleaning


  • • Mirror Cleaning
  • • Bath & Shower Cleaning
  • • Sink(s) Cleaning/ Sanitizing
  • • Countertop Cleaning
  • • Toilet Cleaning & Bleaching
  • • Floor Cleaning
  • • Baseboard Cleaning
  • • Door Cleaning
  • • Clean Inside and Outside of Cabinets
  • • Wipe Windowpane
  • • Wall/Floor Scuff Removal

Bedroom & Guest Areas

  • • Bed Making / Remove and Wash Dirty Linen/Towels
  • Supply new sets of Linen and Towels
  • • Wipe surfaces
  • • Vacuum Floor / Furniture
  • • Trash Removal
  • • Staging the unit as per specifications
  • • Floor Vacuuming & Mopping
  • • Wipe Baseboards
  • • Wipe Doors/Frames
  • • Clean Furniture in rooms

Aibnb laundry

  • • Sheets
  • • Pillowcases
  • • Duvet Covers
  • • Blankets & Comforters
  • • Towels
  • • Bathrobes

How To start A Partnership

But wait! How does one actually go about signing up if they’d like to come on board as a partner? Well, that’s quite simple actually. If you’re interested in the Airbnb cleaning services provided by our company, or you’d just generally like a little bit more info before you make your decision, you can easily get in touch with our management and sending us a message.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch by sending an email to our team here at, or giving us a call on 604-880-8208.