Airbnb Management in Delta, BC

City of Delta – Airbnb Property Management

A fairly big city to find yourself booking an Airbnb in, you will find that Delta is close by to other major cities too, making it the perfect hub for accommodation. A train ride will get you to another city in a matter of hours. Individuals who have a business in the bigger cities like Vancouver and aren’t prepared to pay high rent choose Delta. The city has three major parts to it and each has its own set of unique features. North Delta is known to be the cheapest place to live in. The below collected and analyzed data will help hosts know more about Airbnb management in Delta, BC.

Delta’s Airbnbs – An Overview

In the city of Delta, the average rate for spending 24 hours in an Airbnb totals to $133. The market demand for rental properties is comparatively lesser than its neighboring cities.

The current number of active rental properties hits below the 200-mark. That is not a reason for poor Airbnb management in Delta, but instead because of low demand. The reason could be that maybe guests and foreigners prefer to book hotel rooms instead. Or that the general population warms up to the idea of booking a room in one of the neighboring cities more.

Nonetheless, from the available information about Airbnb management in Delta, more than 50% of the rentals are private rooms. And the rest 49% are entire home rentals.

The utilization of the Airbnb website to avail rentals can be deemed as significantly lower than other cities. Only 87% of hosts will choose to advertise their rental on the official website. Approximately 10% select other services such as VRBO.

Airbnb Management Delta

Rental Property Versatility

On the other hand, there is a variety of versatile properties. 4% of them are listed as studio rentals. While 34% make up the population of one-room properties. 18% of the remaining have two rooms, 17% have 3 rooms, 14% have four rooms and 12% have five rooms. From this data, we can understand that even though Airbnb rentals are not popular in Delta City, there is a fairly large variety of different properties. That means that if you choose to book in Airbnb you will have a wider set of choices to select from. Alternatively, this could be a great opportunity to capture the small part of the available market as a host.


Speaking of choices, most of these Airbnbs provide a large number of luxury amenities. Nearly 70% of all properties have air conditioning, kitchen availability and laundry machines. (Guests are loving the impeccable Airbnb management in Delta so far!)

Likewise, parking facilities, Wi-Fi, and heating systems are attainable in more than 90% of all properties. Cable TV is in 30% of all properties while hot tubs and swimming pools, not so much. However, it is not impossible to find a Jacuzzi at your rental. You will definitely have to look harder, but it’ll be worth it.

Good Ratings and Reputation

Satisfaction rates rank high as more than 85% of guests will rate their properties above 4.5/5. This is yet another example of the great Airbnb management in Delta, BC. Overall ratings land a great score of 4.66.

The cancellation policy for this city’s rental properties is not as high and flexible as others. That may be attributed to the fact that the sum total of all Airbnb properties does not amount to a high number. Or, that there is not much activity in the Airbnb industry in this city. So it is likely that hosts who prepare the rental for incoming guests, will find it troublesome if you cancel.

Minimum Stay

Nearly 50% of all guests who stay at Airbnb properties will choose to only stay the night. 25% will stay for 2 nights and only 12% will stick around for 3 nights in a row. The percentage of people who choose to live in their Airbnb for more than a month is only 2%.

Airbnb management in Delta can be difficult, especially when done at scale. A professional Airbnb Management Team will not only allow you to free up your time, but will also help you achieve better reviews and higher booking rates. Get in touch with our team by clicking on button below to get a professional level of service.