Airbnb Management in West Vancouver, BC

City of West Vancouver – Airbnb Property Management

Known as Canada’s wealthiest municipality, West Vancouver packs on a bunch of advantages and benefits that attract visitors from afar. It is also situated right next to North Vancouver (which also happens to be Canada’s second-wealthiest municipality). This altogether makes this city a number 1 choice for lots of people. It is bound to boast of a fairly expensive lifestyle, but that’s the magic about it.

Airbnb management in West Vancouver could be initially tricky to figure out but once you do, it’s easier from then on. The rentals are pricey, the services are definitely outstanding and pleasing to the guests. All in all, West Vancouver is here to contribute a pleasant, posh and one of a kind lifestyle.

Airbnb Numbers

Very much like Vancouver, West Vancouver contributes a lot of revenue to the Airbnb market. It is manageable to find a rental property with an average daily rate of $189. As compared to Vancouver which reached an approximate of $141, you can say this city is more expensive. However, it matches the other’s attributes with its high rental demand.

Unfortunately, as opposed to Vancouver, West Vancouver does not boast of a high number of active rentals. With only 500+ available Airbnbs you could say this city is more of quality and not quantity. If you have property within the area, then Airbnb management in West Vancouver shouldn’t be a task!

Airbnb Management West Vancouver

Rental Sorts

Even though the number of rentals may rank low, nearly 70% of them are entire homes. The remaining 30% are of single private rooms. It is safe to say that couples and small families are likely going to choose this city as their vacation spot. The availability of home Airbnbs at all times only extends the comfortable and hospitable aspect of the city.

Platform Selection

You’ll find approximately 84% of all available Airbnb rentals posted up on the official Airbnb website. 8% of all the rental properties are uniquely posted on other platforms like VRBO. The remaining 8% can be seen published on the Airbnb portal as well as other platforms at the same time.

Rental Size

The most popular type of rental in West Vancouver is one that has two rooms. Studio homes make up only 4% of the grand total amount of rentals. One-room properties are significantly less demanded since their frequency is only 23%. Rentals with more than 5 rooms are even attainable but at a lower possibility.

What To Expect

All complimentary amenities such as parking, laundry machines, heating and internet facilities are majorly available in most rentals, as you’d expect in a higher-priced city. The Airbnb management in West Vancouver does not fail the guests! You may even also find a small percentage of properties having luxurious services like hot tubs and swimming pools.

Customer Satisfaction

It is due to the highly convenient and comfortable amenities that are offered at almost every rental that give West Vancouver’s Airbnb their high ratings.

According to collected data, more than 85% of guests are satisfied enough with the Airbnb management in West Vancouver to rate their property above 4.5. Consequently, this earns the properties an overall rating of 4.7, making it one of the highest ranked cities to visit not just in Canada, but in the entire world.

Rental Settings

Before any guest can make the decision of renting out an Airbnb they must be acquainted with the settings. In West Vancouver, it is not uncommon for individuals to cancel their bookings. There is a fairly high flexibility rate of 79% when it comes to these sorts of situations.

Minimum Stay Duration

Given that West Vancouver is a pretty peaceful and comfortable city around 42% of Airbnb guests will stay for one night. A further 23% are willing to stick around for 2 nights. Consequently, those who stay for 3 nights at end amount to only 17%. Last but not least it is not rare for individuals to go on for a whole month in their West Vancouver Airbnb. Around 6% of guests do that. The duration of stay entirely depends on how well you have executed your Airbnb management in West Vancouver. And what better way than ours?

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