Airbnb Management in Surrey, BC

City of Surrey – Airbnb Property Management

Quite an economical city, Surrey’s average daily rental rate amounts to $91. That can be viewed as much for some individuals but, usually, cities in British Columbia fetch higher rates. Nevertheless, there is a fairly high rental demand for Airbnb properties in this city.Different from the other bigger cities, Surrey only has a total of about 1100 properties. In comparison to Vancouver that boasts of nearly 7500 sum total of properties, Surrey is moderate. Airbnb management in Surrey, BC can be an easier task when there’s less competition.

Airbnb Rental Types

The popularity of Airbnb in the city as well as how many rentals are available completely depends upon the interested guests in the city. According to fact backed statistics, 50% of these rental properties are private rooms.

At the same time 49% of the remaining active rentals are entire homes. There is flawless Airbnb property management in Surrey, since both types of properties deliver wonderful service. That simply goes to show the sheer versatility that the city has to offer. Families and singular individuals are both welcome to the city as they have a variety of options to choose from. The remaining 1% is of shared rooms but as you can clearly see these are not much in demand in the Airbnb market. These statistics will further explain the rental sizes you can see available in Surrey.

Rental Property Sizes

Studio apartments are no stranger to the rental market as they make up around 7% of rentals. That can be considered as reasonably high since such properties are usually not in demand elsewhere. However, with our Airbnb management in Surrey, your studio rental could really hit it off. On the other hand, one-room Airbnbs contribute to 36% of the general market. Concurrently, two-room properties are equally as much needed since they make up 33% of the active properties. That can be explained seeing as how there is a rough equal divide of entire-home and private-room rental percentage. In that way, single guests, as well as multiple ones, utilize Airbnb services. Similarly, Airbnb properties with three rooms are not uncommon as 11% of the total amount of rentals are those.

Airbnb Management Surrey

STR Platforms for Airbnb Management in Surrey

92% of Airbnb hosts prefer to publish their rental advertisements through the Airbnb portal.  As much as other services like VRBO are also utilized, there is just nothing like the real deal.

Available Amenities

You will find fairly humble amenities available in these rentals since this city does not come across as lavish.

However, the most popular of the services include heating, Wi-Fi and parking. All of these are available in over 90% of all the properties. AC service is not as popular since only 60% of properties have it. Below 25% of properties have hot tubs, swimming pools, and cable TV facilities. Finding a kitchen in your rental is not rare, more than 80% of properties do have it.

Happy Ratings

You can get a hint of the impressive Airbnb management in Surrey by how the overall Airbnb rating is 4.6.

More than 80% of guests are likely to rate their experience at least 4.5 on the scale. That is not a bad turn out since Surrey has quite a lot to offer.

Cancellations and Stay Duration

Comparatively more adjustable than other cities in their cancellation policy, Surrey Airbnb has an over 80% flexibility standard.

The frequency of guests staying for one night goes up to almost 50%. And those who stay for two nights only make up 29%. You can deduce from this information that it’s predominantly people on business who choose to visit this city. On the other hand, only 3% of guests will choose to stay for more than a month in Surrey. This type of information can greatly help hosts in understanding the needs of their clients and how they can adjust their services and properties likewise for them.

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