• Airbnb Property Maintenance Service

Why timely Airbnb property maintenance is so important for the success of your short-term rental?

Dealing with short-term rental listings on Airbnb takes a lot of time: you need to think of pricing, booking, messaging with guests and a lot more. Sometimes, property maintenance is treated like something unimportant. Hosts pay attention to the maintenance tasks only when something breaks.

However, a more cost-effective option is to carry out Airbnb maintenance tasks on a regular basis to prevent breakdowns and possible problems down the line. Otherwise, it may lead to negative reviews regarding a non-working heater, broken cabinet doors, or a lousy air conditioner.

Professional maintenance personnel at MasterHost suggests performing vacation rental property maintenance every 6 months, even if you think that everything works fine: prevention is always cheaper and easier than a late response to the arising problem. In case of a vacation rental, the need for the maintenance service may arise even more often: every 4-5 months. An increased number of guests puts a great load on the internal systems, appliances, and furniture.

Airbnb Property Maintenance Vancouver

What does MasteHost include in a typical Airbnb property maintenance?

Airbnb Property Maintenance Vancouver

Here is a list of services you can choose from (or order the full package at once):

1. Technical maintenance:

  • Checking the property for safety and security;
  • Verifying the operation status of equipment, engineering systems, and appliances;
  • Ensuring property compliance with the requirements of the Airbnb service;
  • Maintenance and repair of the house exterior, including the common area maintenance (like mowing the lawn or tree care);
  • Maintenance and repair of the house interior (necessary repairs and house renovations, furniture repair, regular checkups of the engineering systems (HVAC: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), flooring repairs, windows, and door handles replacement).

2. Ensuring the supplies are always in stock (toilet paper, detergents, soap, paper towels and so on);

3. Emergency maintenance response
The services we offer are vital for Airbnb hosts as they help provide high-quality services and keep the guest’s satisfaction level up high.

We ensure that your property condition remains in perfect shape to keep your listings on Airbnb top chart due to excellent guest reviews.

Let MasterHost do the Airbnb property maintenance for you. Here are the reasons why…

1. No search for subcontractors, scheduling the repairs and emergency cases

We fully undertake communication with plumbers, locksmiths, carpenters, and any other contractors that deal with maintenance and repairs. Also, we are there to address emergency issues your guests may have 24/7.

2. We provide timely preventing of problematic issues thus saving you money on costly repairs

Most issues don’t happen overnight: expensive repairs are usually caused by overlooking or ignoring the minor problems in the system. Our experienced team will carry out preventive check-ups of your property and all the internal and external systems for you to be sure that everything is intact. Also, it helps to plan your budget for the future: in case some issues are detected.