• Airbnb Concierge Service

Full Airbnb Concierge Service

Airbnb Concierge service gives your guests an opportunity to relax and fully enjoy their travel, as there is a person responsible for organizational issues 24/7. It’s obvious that timely response to your guests’ needs is a crucial factor to your top rankings as a host. You are perfectly aware of what people expect to get:

  • Comfortable and stress-free check-in upon arrival;
  • Keeping in touch with guests during their stay;
  • Gentle and polite follow-ups;
  • Smooth check-out.

To be able to provide all these without extra efforts, you can use the Airbnb Concierge service. It helps your guests easily plan sightseeing and entertainment, avoid traveling and booking stress, and carefully plan logistics. Concierge services for Airbnb are available to your guests anytime. Experienced and friendly staff can solve their problems, make valuable recommendations and help with any arising issues.

Airbnb Concierge Service in Vancouver

What we offer?

Airbnb Concierge Service in Vancouver

Critical factor that will get you top rankings, confirmed bookings and grateful guests is a prompt response to guests’ inquiries. From early communication with guests before check-ins to prompt greetings upon their arrival, regular but not intruding follow-ups during their stay and vital farewell after check-outs, MasterHost will cover it all:

  • Smooth check-in of your guests anytime of day or night
  • Key management service
  • Organizing guided sightseeing tours for the guests
  • Recommending local cafes and restaurants depending on guests’ needs and expectations
  • Booking tickets to sights, shows, events, museums, games and more
  • Booking tables at restaurants and organizing transfer (flights, trains, buses and more)
  • Advanced support 24/7 in all possible organizational issues: maintenance, technical support, cleaning services, etc.

Customer benefits

Airbnb Concierge service is extremely flexible and covers only the aspects, which are important to your guests. No matter, if they plan to stay for a day or for a week – sometimes customers require extra services and are ready to pay for them. Concierge service is an opportunity to personalize your interaction with the guests and emphasize their needs in any situation. For example, some guests would appreciate premium all-inclusive services. At the same time, others may need only a quick sightseeing tour and regular quality cleaning service.

It’s quite easy to understand traveler’s needs: tired, jet-lagged or even stressed out by unfamiliar places, foreign language. All they want to do is sit back and relax. We offer a service that perfectly matches the expectations of your guests and help them feel comfortable, valued and grateful. You can be sure, this is exactly what they are going to mention in the reviews.

Such flexibility means that the price range varies depending on the scope of services offered. It is very convenient for planning traveling expenses and organizing the stay stress-free.