• Airbnb Long Term Rental Property Management Services

Home Staging

Staging and Marketing Airbnb Long Term Rental

Home Staging
  • Home Staging – assisting clients with decor, furniture, artwork and setting things up for perfect photoshoot;
  • Photography – arranging for professional photography with experienced local talent to set your property apart from the competition and showcase it in the best light possible;
  • Listing creation – professional listing design to make sure you appeal to the widest possible target audience;
  • Competitive market analysis – our team will advise you on what competition is charging and how they position their properties;
  • Listing marketing on multiple LTR platforms – in order to reach the highest number of prospective renters your listing will be posted on multiple long-term rental platforms and social media;
  • Property showings – we will take care of all property showings to potential renters as nothing works better to find a suitable renter than meeting them in person and pre-qualifying them on the spot.

Screening and Signing Airbnb Long Term Rental Applicants

Screening and Signing Applicants
  • Custom application – using our custom application form potential renters will provide their personal information including current and past address, employer’s and landlord’s contact information, tenancy term and rental rate, financial background and character reference;
  • Screening of prospects – each pre-qualified renter will be further screened based on their employment history, rental history and credit check;
  • Custom tenancy agreement – once the owner confirms which renter they would like to sign up, our team will use custom tenancy agreements between landlord and tenant to secure fixed-term rental;
  • Security deposit & Form K – security deposit will be collected by our team and held in the trust bank account until the end of tenancy to be refunded upon successful inspection. Form K will be collected and submitted in case of stratified building;
  • Move in/out inspection – our team will move your tenants in completing move in inspection, filling out condition inspection report along with furniture list if applicable and collecting move in fees.
Screening and Signing Applicants

Airbnb Long Term Rental Management

  • Tenancy Management – our team will handle all and any day-to-day tenancy related matters for your property;
  • Maintenance support – we will be responding to all maintenance requests from your tenant and arranging for professional contractors to attend to them while informing you beforehand;
  • Emergency response – our team will be available 24/7 to respond to any emergencies such as flood, theft, fire, etc and arrange for appropriate first response to prevent further damage;
  • Rent & Arrears collection – we will handle rent collection as per the terms of the tenancy agreement and go after the tenant in case of late payments.

Airbnb Long Term Rental Management Legal Support

  • RTB support – our team will guide you through the process of tenant disputes in the Residential Tenancy Branch and represent you if required;
  • Eviction process support – we will follow through the eviction process once the order of possession is granted by the RTB arbitrator;
  • Strata and neighbour relations management – handling and guiding you through any strata and neighbour relations intricacies, resolving disputes, attending strata hearings and representing you at strata meetings;
  • Non-resident owner support – assisting our non-resident clients with non-resident tax withholds, payment to CRA and reporting at the year end.