Airbnb Management in New Westminster, BC

City of New Westminster – Airbnb Property Management

A truly big part of history, New Westminster has been around for centuries now. Over the years the ancient city has transformed itself into a newer, more polished version of itself. That is the reason why people flock to the area like a duck on bread. It is laden with historical monuments and has the advantage of being centrally located in multiple areas. Moreover, its population is very diverse which excites foreigners to pay a visit. To understand the nature of Airbnb management in New Westminster, BC you should read the following analyzed data.

Airbnb Rates

Approximating at around $95-100 for a one day stay, the Airbnbs in New Westminster is considered to be fairly cheap, if not one of the cheapest cities to stay in. When comparing them with other cities in British Columbia, New Westminster’s properties are less than the usual $100+ range. This positive aspect can be attributed to the fact that the city is an old one and has a long way to go. Even though it’s unlike its modern competitors it still prevails the best Airbnb management in New Westminster, and there is a high demand for rentals in this area.

Active Rentals

There are less than 200 available rentals in New Westminster. If that may come across a surprise it is worth mentioning that 60% of those rentals are entire homes. The remaining 40% are private rooms. Not surprising seeing as most people settle there for lifestyle and not a business.

Hosting Platform for Airbnb Management in New Westminster

As much as there may be some ways to publicize your Airbnb there is nothing quite like the official website. The Airbnb portal is the best place to do your Airbnb management in New Westminster without going out of your way. And that is where 92% of New Westminster’s rental properties find a spot to advertise. There is a fairly decreased use of third party websites such as VRBO. But that doesn’t mean that they are not utilized regardless.

Airbnb Management New Westminster

Rental Size

Versatility seems to be a classic feature of rental properties in this city. Studio homes contribute to 5% of the total active rentals. One room houses, on the other hand, take up a huge approximate of 50% of the total amount of rentals. Interestingly enough, the percentage of Airbnb’s decreases, as the number of rooms increases.

Available Amenities

Regardless of the less amount of rentals in this area, the Airbnb management in New Westminster provided are still of top-notch quality. More than 90% of all rentals have dryer machines, internet, and heating. On the other hand, more than 80% have parking facilities, washing machines, and kitchen availability. It is due to pleasant weather conditions that more than 50% of all rentals do not have air conditioning.

How Happy Are The Customers?

You could say that New Westminster’s Airbnb users are pretty happy with the services provided for them. Almost 90% of them are reported to rate their rented property at least 4.5 out of 5. This totals the overall Airbnb rating to 4.73.

This is considered a pretty great average rating since this city is known to be an old one. Usually, Airbnb users tend to go for modern cities with urbanized technology to refine their experience. However, New Westminster does impress.

Duration Of Stay

According to data, about 5% of all Airbnb guests will stay for more than a month in their rental. A larger percentage of 11% have reported staying for 3 nights on end. Consequently, 26% will stay for 2 nights and 41% will stay for only one night.

Is It Okay To Cancel?

The answer is always no! Since that can cause a lot of stress for the hosts who have spent a lot of time arranging everything, it would be best to stick to your booking schedule. However, this city is not rigid with their cancellation policies. If an emergency comes up then you can expect your Airbnb host to be quite hospitable and understanding.

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