Airbnb License

Different countries, states and cities have separate licencing requirements one must comply with when becoming an Airbnb host. As a host it is your responsibility to comply with state, government and local rules and regulations. This is where things can get tricky. An Airbnb licence may be required to list your property as a “short term rental” (STR), generally referring to any rental under a 30 days. These local rules differ tremendously from one another and by accidentally violating one of them, you may be looking at penalties including large fines or other types of enforcement.

What Exactly Is It For?

Business licence for Airbnb will allow you to list your property safely on the market and start generating income by allowing guests to stay at your property legally. Occupancy taxes also vary significantly based on your location, however they are typically included in Airbnb platform calculations. By making sure you have the appropriate Airbnb licence, you will be able to operate safely and have a significant edge over competitors who have dismissed Airbnb licensing altogether.

MasterHost Will Guide You In Licensing Your Short-term Rental Property

When it comes to Airbnb licencing you certainly don’t want to be fined and potentially shut down simply for missing that fine print or misunderstanding the application process altogether. That’s why here at MasterHost, we can guide your through the entire Airbnb licencing process, giving you peace of mind and the time to focus on the important things. We will help you locate bylaws that apply in your geographic area and explain what it takes to legally rent your property on Airbnb. We currently offer this service in the following areas:

  • • Vancouver
  • • Burnaby
  • • Richmond
  • • Surrey
  • • New Westminster
  • • Coquitlam
  • • Port Coquitlam
  • • North & West Vancouver

Benefits of Our Services for Airbnb Owners

  • Faster ServiceWe’ve assisted hundreds of clients over the years with Airbnb licensing and saved them the precious time that would otherwise be wasted on researching the various bylaws that apply to their Airbnb property;
  • No Room For ErrorOur professional team understands the requirements for Airbnb licensing in each city and will guide you through the tricky parts of it all;
  • Making Things Simpler For Future Airbnb LicensingEach time you allow us to guide you through your Airbnb licensing needs, we can speed up the process for future listings by saving important information needed for the second, third or 20th time around.