Airbnb Cleaning Fees

What Are Airbnb Cleaning Fees?

Possibly one of the most annoying and draining parts of running an Airbnb business is the responsibility of having to clean up after your guests. Trust us, that is never an easy job because you never know how messy your guests will be, sometimes you’re gifted with saints and other times you will get horror stories. Unfortunately, most guests have the mentality that if they pay for a place to stay then it is probably the responsibility of the owner to clean up after them and that is the exact reason why Airbnb cleaning fees have been introduced in this specific line of work. 

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What Are Airbnb Cleaning Fees?

A one-time charge that hosts include in the total bill for the guests’ stay, a vacation rental cleaning fee helps make your life easier as well as your guests’. This fee covers the cost of cleaning up after the guests have left. This includes everything from laundering the sheets to sanitizing kitchen countertops and scrubbing dirty floors. However, there are some factors that come into play when you choose to charge this fee. 

Is Your Airbnb Worth It?

For a one or two-bedroom Airbnb units, it is not a standard practice for hosts to charge a significant Airbnb cleaning fee. Especially, if your Airbnb is not immaculate and in the best shape that it can be in. It is completely understandable for guests to be charged a higher cleaning fee if the property has 2 kitchens, 5 bedrooms and a pool, for example. In cases of smaller Airbnbs, it is advised to incorporate a small extra fee in the total bill and it shouldn’t be a considerable amount. Or, simply inform the guests prior to their stay that they should tidy up after themselves if they are not willing to pay the cleaning fee. A great marketing strategy is to include your cleaning fee in your listing’s nightly rate and display the offer of ‘no cleaning fees’. This marketing trick works great within many industries and shows a much higher conversion rate, than simply adding on an additional fee. 

How to Price Your Short Term Rental Cleaning Fees?

Compare your Airbnb cleaning fees with others in your area/city to roughly estimate how much you should price them. According to your accommodation’s specifications, its size and facilities, you must fix your charge accordingly. For example, if your accommodation has a pool or a jacuzzi included, then there is a special vacation rental cleaning fee for that as well. It is, however, very important to mention your nominal cleaning fee. 

Who Should Do the Cleaning?

Most Airbnb hosts like to hire professional cleaners to come and do the cleaning after the guests have departed. This can obviously be very helpful if you are busy and/or simply are not the kind of person who wants to clean after their guests. A company who offers Airbnb Cleaning will be the best solution for you, if you would like to finish up everything quickly and professionally. These companies also tend to provide package deals, which means you can get everything done with one company. Certain services provide premium toiletries and high-quality linens, as well alongside their cleaning services.

In conclusion, Airbnb cleaning fees are an easy way for you to make an extra handful of cash at the end of every guest’s stay. While keeping certain regulations in mind, you can improve your service as well as your business in the long run. 

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