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How To Take Good Airbnb Photos For Your Listings

Presentation and first impression play a big role in moving your potential clients from a “maybe” to a definite “yes”. So it is vital that you make sure you input 100% of your effort to make that first impression the absolute best. When it comes to your vacation rental, the best way to make that happen is with the help of your Airbnb photos. As long as your vacation rentals photos are actual and of perfect quality then you are bound to get the most guests flocking to your rental. So the important question is, how to be the best Airbnb photographer? There are some guidelines to follow:

Interior Lighting Is Essential

Nothing appeals to an audience more than a well-lit interior. Make sure there are no dark corners in your accommodation. In a picture, the better illuminated your interior is, the better the impression it will leave on your audience. Switch on all the lamps and lights and snap away. 

Sunlight is Even Better 

Shooting your vacation rental in natural bright lighting is an even bigger and better point. It is time to open your curtains, open your windows and let in the most amount of sunlight you can. Choose a time during the day when the sun is high and its light enters your property the most. All Airbnb professional photography is done in bright sunny settings. 

Angles Determine Everything

The angles you choose for your Airbnb photos play a pivotal role in giving the viewers a clear look of the place. Make it a habit to take your pictures from one single corner. For example, your living room picture should be captured from one single corner only. That helps in providing a bigger perspective to allow the viewers to picture themselves in the room. 

Highlight Your Best Amenities in Your Airbnb Photos

There is usually one best thing about your rental, or maybe it is a bunch of different little things. Either way, make sure you highlight those specifically when you are capturing any short-term rental photos. If you hire an Airbnb photographer then direct them to snap those aspects in detail. This could be a kid’s room, fireplace or a contemporary kitchen. It doesn’t matter, include them. 

Show the Exterior Too

Airbnb photographers sometimes makes the fault of only snapping pictures of the interior of the vacation rental… or even worse, sometimes only the exterior, and as much as that may be important, it is also in the audience’s interest to be more familiar with their accommodation. Take some pictures of the house on the outside, the surroundings and the overlooking view, but don’t have more pictures of the exterior than the interior. These exterior photos, however, will all help in providing your potential clients with a feeling and sense of familiarity with the Airbnb. 

Landscape Format All The Way

Don’t make the mistake of snapping your Airbnb photos in portrait mode. Property images don’t do well in portrait mode as that specific format can restrict their beauty and effect. Somewhat constraining, vertical pictures are not advised. Make sure your camera is always in the landscape format to provide a wider and bigger perspective of everything.

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