Airbnb Reviews

How To Write And Get Good Airbnb Reviews

It is common knowledge that your Airbnb business success mostly relies on the reviews you get from your guests. With more and more positive reviews, you’ll rapidly acquire new guests for your rentals and soon enough your business will be in full swing. So, the question lies in how you can get the best Airbnb reviews as quickly as possible? And how can one write the best short term rental housing reviews? We are about to go over these questions in detail, so brace yourself!

How to Get The Best Airbnb Reviews?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a good overall rating on your Airbnb account, here are the most important ones:

  • Be true to your word when describing your rental. Don’t miss out on any details and elaborate on all the facilities you provide. Don’t describe an experience you can’t deliver.
  • Provide real and high-quality Airbnb photos that show exactly what your vacation rental looks like to get the best vacation rental review. 
  • Communicating with your guests is key. Send them a message when they check-in and check-out. On top of that make sure you send the occasional checking up message to ensure that all is good. Usually, guests seize this opportunity to inform you of any problems they are facing or if they require any assistance. 
  • Treat your guests. A little gesture goes a long way and does a lot to create the best first impression. Whether it is complimentary food or custom-designed welcome packages, these are the key to getting the best short term rental housing reviews. 
  • Don’t forget to make your personal Airbnb welcome book that goes in detail about all the fun things available in your city. Guidebooks are a great way of welcoming your guests and coming off as considerate. 

How To Write A Proper Guest Review On Airbnb?

For writing a guest review on Airbnb you have to keep in mind certain regulations and rules in order to execute the perfect and most detailed review:

  • Go into details. When describing your experience with the guest it is vital that you highlight the most important details. 
  • When writing a negative guest review on Airbnb explain exactly what the issue was and what was it about the guests that made you perceive them negatively. If they broke house rules, explain what those were and how they broke them. Do not slander the guests personally, but instead their poor actions. 
  • When writing a positive vacation rental review about your guest describe exactly what was so pleasant about them.
  • It is important to mention aspects of their personality that particularly stuck out. For example, for a positive review, you can mention how understanding and practical your guests were. 
  • When writing positive short term rental housing reviews do mention how you would like to host these guests again because of their winning behavior. On the other hand, express your unlikeliness of hosting them again if your experience was unpleasant.