Best Airbnb Titles

Some Tips On How To Create Best Airbnbs Title For Listings

The two most important parts of your Airbnb listing is the images you chose to post and the choice of words in your Airbnb listing title. Images need to be crisp, professional and unique, as well as SEO backed. Wording although, can be a little tricker. Your title needs to be engaging and attention grabbing, however, it also needs to be SEO dense with the phrase you’re aiming to rank for . Words can play a bigger impact on your client’s mind compared to images, if done correctly. So how is it that other hosts can come up with the best Airbnb titles and you are left with the mediocre ones? Well, not anymore! Here are some of the finest tips to help you structure the best titles for all of your listings. 


There is a 50 character limit for Airbnb headlines and guess what? You should be using the entire space provided. The more words and characters you use up, the more your audience will be inclined to open your listing. This can also be useful for the Airbnb SEO side of things, so try and squeeze in a few of your keywords or use the listing’s location in the title. 

Be Unique

There are millions and millions of Airbnb headlines out there and there is a huge possibility they mostly contain words like “gorgeous”, “large”, “good” and “nice”. Refrain from using such generic words because they do nothing to create an effect on the reader. More detailed and unheard words such as “rustic”, “vintage” and “spacious” will do more of a good job in convincing your guests to open your listing. You can even make up a name for your listing to provide uniqueness. The most prominent one that comes to mind for us is a listing for a bus converted into a 5 star villa, “The Hillside Luxury Bus”, in Thailand. 

Grab Your Readers’ Attention 

You want to mention the most striking features of your Airbnb in your title to make sure your readers are hooked. For instance, if your Airbnb has a swimming pool, do mention that in your title and make sure it is the first thing they read. It is usually these things that make the best Airbnb titles and invite your audience to open your listing and place a booking. 

Luxury features should also be highlighted with fancy words. If you have heated floors or hot tubs included with your Airbnb, then flaunt that as much as you can in the body of your listing. 

Don’t Caps Lock…Ever

There is nothing more obnoxious or annoying than seeing uppercase letters in an otherwise calm and normal Airbnb listing title. There is no need to shout when informing your audience about your Airbnb’s features. That can come off as unprofessional and mostly listings with uppercase letters are written off as scams and rip-offs. You don’t want that reputation knocking at your door, so don’t do that!

Use Characters and Abbreviations 

By using characters like “+” instead of “and” and abbreviations like “w/” to replace the word “with” helps in shortening the number of characters you use in your Airbnb listing title. This lessens the overall character count you use and gives you the opportunity to elaborate on other terms and words. 

Be Specific About Your Location 

A great way of impressing your audience right off the bat and producing one of the best Airbnb titles is to relate your rental with a landmark. If your accommodation is close to any mall, park, building, tourist attraction…etc then mention it. It helps your guests envision the place better and establishes a more personal feel.