Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Introduction to Newark’s Airbnb Investment Opportunities

Newark, New Jersey, often hailed as a bustling hub of culture, history, and economic development, presents an enticing opportunity for Airbnb hosts looking to invest. With its strategic location and being just a stone’s throw away from New York City, Newark offers a unique blend of urban living, historic charm, and burgeoning growth sectors. For those looking to capitalize on the Airbnb market, understanding which Newark Airbnb neighborhood is worth investing in is crucial. This guide will explore the top Newark Airbnb neighborhoods every host should consider, backed by thorough research and a deep dive into what makes each area stand out.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Why Choose Newark for Your Airbnb Investment?

Newark, New Jersey, isn’t just a city within the shadow of New York City; it’s a burgeoning hotspot for Airbnb investors looking for the next big thing. Its strategic location is undeniably a key selling point, being just a quick train ride away from NYC. This proximity not only caters to tourists looking to explore the Big Apple on a budget but also to business travelers seeking convenient access to one of the world’s largest financial centers without the hefty price tag of staying in Manhattan.

The city’s vibrant cultural scene further cements its status as an attractive destination. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), one of the largest performing arts venues in the U.S., regularly hosts world-class performances ranging from classical music to comedy shows, drawing audiences from across the region. Similarly, the Newark Museum of Art, the state’s largest museum, showcases a diverse collection that spans global art, science exhibits, and a Victorian-era mansion, providing a rich, educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Branch Brook Park, another gem in Newark’s crown, is not just a park but an experience. It’s renowned for its annual cherry blossom festival, which rivals Washington D.C.’s, and serves as a stunning backdrop for strolls, picnics, and outdoor activities, making it a hit with families and nature lovers.

The transportation infrastructure in Newark is arguably one of its strongest assets for Airbnb hosts. Newark Liberty International Airport, one of the major airports serving the New York metropolitan area, ensures a steady influx of domestic and international travelers. Additionally, Newark’s extensive public transit options, including NJ Transit, PATH trains, and buses, offer seamless connectivity to NYC and other parts of New Jersey. This level of accessibility is a significant draw for guests who prefer not to rent a car during their stay.

Economic developments and urban revitalization efforts in recent years have sparked a renewed interest in Newark. Initiatives aimed at enhancing commercial and residential spaces, improving public safety, and attracting new businesses have gradually transformed the city’s image, making it a more appealing place to live and visit.

Moreover, Newark’s educational institutions, like Rutgers University-Newark and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, contribute to a vibrant, youthful atmosphere and a constant demand for short-term housing, especially around academic calendars and special events.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Unlocking the Potential of Newark’s 07102 Area

Diving into the Airbnb market of Newark’s 07102 ZIP code offers a fascinating glimpse into a burgeoning area with potential for investors and hosts alike. According to data from AirDNA, this particular area of Newark showcases a dynamic and evolving short-term rental landscape, underpinned by a mix of appealing characteristics for those looking to enter the market or expand their portfolio.

Airbnb Market Overview of 07102 Area

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR): $204.4
  • Max Daily Rate (May): $219
  • Occupancy Rate: 54%
  • Max Occupancy Rate (September): 71%
  • Total Available Listings: 199
  • Average Annual Revenue: $40.7K
  • Max Monthly Revenue (September, October): $3,600
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $112.5
  • Weekend RevPAR: $217
  • Best Month: September
  • Market Score: 38
  • Average Home Value in 07102: $398,902

The average daily rate (ADR) for an Airbnb listing in 07102 stands at $204.4, with the peak daily rate in May reaching up to $219. This suggests that while there is a consistent demand throughout the year, certain periods, especially spring through early summer, see a heightened willingness among guests to pay a premium for accommodations.

Occupancy rates paint a picture of moderate but significant engagement, averaging 54% across the year. However, September emerges as the standout month, boasting a maximum occupancy rate of 71%. This spike could be attributed to seasonal events, academic calendars, or other local happenings that draw visitors in larger numbers during the early fall.

With 199 total available listings in the area, competition is present but not overwhelming, suggesting room for new entrants or existing hosts to optimize their offerings. The average revenue per listing reaches an impressive $40.7K per year, peaking in September and October with maximum monthly revenues of approximately $3,600. This indicates a strong earning potential for well-managed properties, particularly during these peak months.

Revenue per available room (RevPAR) stands at $112.5, with weekends seeing a significant jump to $217. This weekend surge underscores the area’s appeal to weekend visitors, possibly those coming in for short getaways or special events, highlighting an opportunity for hosts to maximize earnings by targeting these peak times.

Despite the promising numbers, the market score for the area is 38, suggesting there are challenges to be navigated, including possibly the competitive landscape, market saturation in specific segments, or the need for more strategic marketing and pricing strategies by hosts.

Property Value and Neighborhood Insights

The average home value in the 07102 ZIP code is $398,902, marking a modest increase of 0.5% over the past year. This steady, if slight, growth in home values reflects a stabilizing real estate market that could be ripe for investment, particularly for those looking to purchase properties to rent out on platforms like Airbnb.

The neighborhoods encompassed or overlapping with the 07102 area, including Lincoln Park South, Montgomery St/Prince St, Springfield Belmont South, Lincoln Park, Downtown, Central Business District, and Central Business District North, offer a diverse range of settings and attractions for potential guests. From the green spaces and cultural landmarks of Lincoln Park to the bustling streets of Downtown and the Central Business District, each neighborhood has its unique appeal, potentially attracting different types of visitors.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

The attractiveness of Each Neighborhood within Newark’s 07102 ZIP Code

Exploring the attractiveness of each neighborhood within Newark’s 07102 ZIP code from an Airbnb host’s perspective provides a nuanced understanding of where the potential for short-term rental success might lie. Here’s a detailed look at each area:

Lincoln Park South

Lincoln Park South is a neighborhood that charms with its green spaces and cultural venues. Hosts here can attract guests seeking a quieter stay in Newark with the appeal of Lincoln Park’s natural beauty and outdoor activities. It’s perfect for those looking to market to families or visitors interested in experiencing Newark’s quieter, more scenic side.

Montgomery St / Prince St

This area offers a unique blend of residential calm and urban accessibility. Montgomery St. and Prince St. are ideal for Airbnb hosts aiming to cater to guests who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere but still want easy access to downtown Newark and New York City. Its proximity to educational institutions also opens opportunities for hosts to accommodate visiting academics or families of students.

Springfield Belmont South

Springfield Belmont South appeals to guests interested in an authentic Newark experience. This neighborhood provides a canvas for Airbnb hosts to showcase Newark’s diverse culture and community. With local eateries, markets, and community events, hosts can market their listings as gateways to the real Newark, appealing to adventurous travelers and those looking to stay like a locals.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park itself, known for its cultural festivals, concerts, and community activities, offers Airbnb hosts the chance to attract guests with the promise of a vibrant local scene right at their doorstep. The park’s allure throughout the year, especially during the cherry blossom season, provides hosts with a picturesque selling point for their listings.


The heartbeat of Newark, Downtown, is where the action is. Airbnb hosts in this neighborhood can leverage the proximity to major attractions like the Prudential Center, NJPAC, and a plethora of dining and shopping options. Listings here are perfect for guests visiting for entertainment, business, or simply to immerse themselves in Newark’s bustling city life.

Central Business District

Central Business District caters to a professional clientele. Airbnb hosts can target business travelers, conference attendees, and international visitors looking for convenient, high-quality accommodations close to corporate offices and event venues. Highlighting amenities like high-speed internet, workspaces, and ease of transport can make listings here particularly attractive.

Central Business District North

An extension of the business hub, Central Business District North, offers similar advantages to the Central Business District but with a slightly quieter, more residential vibe. Airbnb hosts here can appeal to long-term business travelers or families needing access to the city but preferring a less hectic environment.

Strategic Considerations

For Airbnb hosts and investors eyeing the 07102 market, the data suggests several strategic considerations. First, understanding the seasonal peaks and leveraging them through dynamic pricing and targeted marketing can significantly enhance revenue. Additionally, focusing on creating exceptional weekend experiences could capitalize on the high weekend RevPAR.

Furthermore, given the diversity of neighborhoods within 07102, hosts can differentiate their listings by highlighting the unique features and attractions of their specific location, catering to a wide range of guest preferences, from those seeking urban adventures in the Central Business District to those desiring the tranquility of Lincoln Park.

Overall, Newark’s 07102 ZIP code presents a compelling opportunity for Airbnb hosts and real estate investors. While challenges exist, as indicated by the market score, the combination of a steady average daily rate, significant occupancy and revenue peaks, and a diverse range of neighborhoods to target suggests that with the right approach, there’s potential for substantial returns on investment. As always, success in the Airbnb market requires a blend of savvy investment, strategic marketing, and exceptional guest experiences.

Exploring the Airbnb Market in Newark’s 07105

The Airbnb landscape in Newark’s 07105 ZIP code reveals a thriving market with ample opportunity for growth and profitability for hosts and investors alike. Leveraging data from AirDNA, this analysis delves into the specifics of this locale, showcasing a vibrant short-term rental environment buoyed by a diverse array of neighborhoods and a strong upward trend in property values.

Market Overview

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR): $169.3
  • Max Daily Rate (February): $190
  • Occupancy Rate: 61%
  • Max Occupancy Rate (September): 81%
  • Total Available Listings: 148
  • Average Annual Revenue: $37.5K
  • Max Monthly Revenue (October, December): $3,200-$3,100
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $103.8
  • Weekend RevPAR: $177
  • Best Month: December
  • Market Score: 75
  • Average Home Value in 07105: $536,508, up 6.3% over the past year

The Airbnb landscape within Newark’s 07105 ZIP code is a thriving marketplace, marked by a favorable average daily rate (ADR) and robust occupancy rates that signify a healthy demand for accommodations. Specifically, the ADR stands at $169.3, with February seeing a peak daily rate of $190. This pricing trend underscores the area’s ability to attract guests willing to pay premium rates, particularly during the winter months.

Occupancy rates in 07105 are notably high, averaging 61% annually. However, September stands out with a remarkable occupancy rate of 81%, likely driven by seasonal events, cultural festivities, or academic activities that draw a larger influx of visitors. The presence of 148 available listings indicates a competitive yet manageable market environment, allowing room for growth among new and existing hosts. This is further evidenced by the average annual revenue of $37.5K per listing, with revenues peaking in October and December at $3,200–$3,100, showcasing the potential for significant earnings, especially during the holiday season.

Weekend Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) experiences a notable increase to $177, highlighting the particular appeal of 07105 to weekend travelers, perhaps drawn by special events or the allure of a short city break. This peak in weekend demand presents an excellent opportunity for hosts to optimize their pricing strategies for these periods.

Despite these optimistic indicators, the market score of 75 suggests that while the area performs well, there remains a need for strategic marketing and competitive pricing to navigate challenges such as market saturation in certain niches or the competitive dynamics among local listings.

Property Value Insights

The real estate aspect of 07105 shows promising signs of growth, with the average home value standing at $536,508, reflecting a 6.3% increase over the past year. This steady appreciation in property values not only highlights the area’s desirability but also suggests a ripe opportunity for investment in properties to be rented out on Airbnb.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Neighborhood Insights of 07105

07105 encompasses a range of neighborhoods each with its own unique charm and appeal to potential Airbnb guests. Below is an overview of each area from an Airbnb host’s perspective:

South Ironbound

South Ironbound is celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry and vibrant dining scene, making it a magnet for foodies and cultural enthusiasts. Airbnb hosts can capitalize on this neighborhood’s lively atmosphere and proximity to Newark Penn Station.

Oliver St. / Jefferson St.

This area offers a quieter residential setting within the bustling Ironbound district. Ideal for hosts targeting guests who prefer a serene retreat yet wish to remain close to the action and amenities of Newark.

Independence Park

Independence Park provides a green oasis in the urban landscape, appealing to guests seeking outdoor activities and families looking for playgrounds and picnic spots. Proximity to such a park can be a highlighted feature in listings.

Elm Rd. / Gotthardt St. & Elm St. / Lang St.

These neighborhoods offer a blend of residential calm and easy access to Newark’s main attractions. They are perfect for hosts looking to attract a broad audience, from business travelers to families.

Ironbound and Its Subsections (Ironbound Southeast, River Bank Park, North Ironbound East, Clover St. / Polk St, North Ironbound, Ironbound West, and Ironbound Northwest)

The broader Ironbound area is a cornerstone of Newark’s charm, known for its European flair, exceptional dining options, and lively festivals. Each subsection within Ironbound has its own unique features, from the tranquil riverside settings near River Bank Park to the bustling streets of North Ironbound. Airbnb hosts can leverage these diverse characteristics to attract guests with varied interests, from gastronomy enthusiasts to those seeking a culturally rich urban experience.

Oak Island Junction

This neighborhood, while more removed, offers unique attractions, particularly for guests interested in Newark’s industrial history or seeking accommodations near the port area for business purposes.

Strategic Considerations

For those eyeing the 07105 market, a few strategies emerge:

Seasonality: Leverage the peak occupancy in September and December by adjusting pricing and marketing efforts to match demand.

Targeted Listings: Highlight the unique attractions and ambiance of each neighborhood, whether it’s the culinary scene in South Ironbound or the tranquil parks in Independence Park.

Amenities: Emphasize amenities that cater to the area’s demographics, such as workspace setups for business travelers or family-friendly furnishings for vacationing families.

Local Collaborations: Partner with local businesses and attractions to offer guests special experiences or discounts, enhancing the attractiveness of your listing.

The Airbnb market in Newark’s 07105 ZIP code presents a lucrative opportunity for hosts and investors, supported by strong demand, favorable revenue metrics, and a diverse array of neighborhoods appealing to a wide range of guests. Coupled with the significant appreciation of property values, the area stands out as a compelling choice for those looking to enter or expand within the Airbnb domain. Success hinges on strategic market entry, dynamic pricing, and creating unique guest experiences that highlight the local culture and amenities of Newark’s vibrant communities.

Navigating the Airbnb Market in Newark’s 07104 ZIP Code

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR): $124.6
  • Maximum Daily Rate (December): $138
  • Occupancy Rate: 57%
  • Maximum Occupancy Rate (December): 66%
  • Total Available Listings: 153
  • Average Annual Revenue: $25.9K
  • Maximum Monthly Revenue (December): $2,300
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $72.5
  • Weekend Revenue Per Available Room (Weekend RevPAR): $134
  • Best Month: December
  • Market Score: 44
  • Average Home Value in 07104: $452,970, up 6.6% over the past year

The Newark 07104 ZIP code offers an intriguing glimpse into an emerging Airbnb market, characterized by its affordability and consistent demand throughout the year. With an Average Daily Rate (ADR) of $124.6 and a peak at $138 in December, the market demonstrates steady interest, especially during the holiday season. This affordability may appeal to a wide range of travelers, from budget-conscious visitors to those looking for longer stays.

Occupancy rates in 07104 average 57%, with December showcasing the highest demand at 66%. This indicates a particular appeal during the winter holidays, which could be leveraged by hosts for targeted marketing strategies. The area hosts 153 listings, pointing towards a competitive yet accessible market for new entrants or those looking to expand their portfolio. The average annual revenue for a listing stands at $25.9K, with December again emerging as the most lucrative month, allowing for potential revenues up to $2,300.

The Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) is marked at $72.5, with weekends witnessing a significant surge to $134. This suggests that while the area attracts steady weekday traffic, weekends offer an opportunity for increased earnings, possibly driven by local events or attractions that draw in visitors.

Despite these promising figures, the market score of 44 reflects certain challenges, possibly related to the competitive landscape or the need for enhanced marketing and operational strategies to improve occupancy and revenue metrics.

Property Value Insights

The real estate market in 07104 shows a positive trend, with the average home value reaching $452,970, marking a 6.6% increase over the past year. This growth indicates a healthy property market that could be appealing for Airbnb hosts considering purchasing additional properties or entering the market.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

07104 Diverse Neighborhoods

Forest Hill and its subsections (South, Southeast, East)

Renowned for its expansive historic district, Forest Hill boasts beautifully preserved mansions and lush, expansive parks like Branch Brook Park, famous for its annual cherry blossom festival. The area is a haven for architectural buffs and those who enjoy strolls in verdant surroundings. Forest Hill also offers cultural experiences with local art exhibitions and classical music performances at the nearby Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

This neighborhood is ideal for guests interested in a mix of historical exploration and outdoor activities. The peaceful, tree-lined streets make it perfect for families or couples seeking a serene getaway.

Mt Pleasant – Lower Broadway

This neighborhood offers a dynamic urban experience, with a mix of cultural influences reflected in its food, music, and local markets. It’s home to vibrant street art, eclectic shopping opportunities, and a diverse culinary scene that ranges from traditional Portuguese to contemporary American cuisine.

This area is ideal for travelers looking to dive into Newark’s melting pot of cultures. Its lively atmosphere and proximity to downtown attractions make it a favorite among younger visitors and foodies.

Seventh Avenue (and its sectors)

Seventh Avenue is characterized by its community-centric atmosphere, with well-kept residential streets and a strong sense of neighborhood unity. The area features several parks, community gardens, and local eateries that serve as gathering spots for residents and visitors alike. It’s also known for its historic churches and schools, adding to its family-friendly appeal.

It is ideal for families and long-term visitors who will find Seventh Avenue welcoming, with its close-knit community vibe and easy access to Newark’s schools, hospitals, and public transportation options.

Garside St. / Park Ave.

Offering a slice of suburban life within the city, this neighborhood features quaint homes and manicured lawns, presenting a quieter side of Newark. Small local parks, cozy cafes, and family-run businesses dot the area, providing a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle. The neighborhood prides itself on its annual block parties and community events, which foster a strong local spirit.

It is ideal for those seeking a homey atmosphere or a more residential experience. It’s particularly suited for guests looking for longer stays or a base that combines connectivity with tranquility.

Broad St. / 3rd Ave. & North Broadway (West, Central)

Strategically located near Newark’s bustling central business district, these areas offer a mix of commercial and residential settings. Close to major corporate offices, event venues, and educational institutions, the neighborhoods are a hub for professionals and students. The proximity to Newark Penn Station and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) adds to the appeal, providing easy access to New York City and local cultural events.

It is ideal for business travelers and attendees of conferences or events who will find these neighborhoods convenient for their stay. The areas also appeal to visitors interested in exploring the cultural and nightlife offerings of Newark and NYC.

Each of these neighborhoods within the 07104 ZIP code presents unique attributes, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs, from the tranquil, historic streets of Forest Hill to the vibrant, urban life of Mt. Pleasant—Lower Broadway.

In conclusion, Newark’s 07104 ZIP code presents a promising yet underexplored opportunity within the Airbnb market. Its range of neighborhoods caters to various guest preferences, from tranquil residential areas to bustling urban centers. Success in this market requires a strategic approach, focusing on highlighting the unique features of each neighborhood, optimizing for peak seasons, and addressing the challenges indicated by the market score to enhance visibility and attractiveness to potential guests.

Navigating the Airbnb Market in Newark’s 07103 ZIP Code

The Airbnb market in Newark’s 07103 ZIP code offers a unique insight into an area with burgeoning potential for hosts and investors. Characterized by a diverse range of neighborhoods and proximity to educational institutions, 07103 presents a variety of opportunities, albeit with its own set of challenges, as reflected in its market score and occupancy rates.

Market Overview

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR): $120.7
  • Maximum Daily Rate (May): $138
  • Occupancy Rate: 39%, peaking at 57% in September
  • Total Available Listings: 199
  • Average Annual Revenue: $17.4K
  • Maximum Monthly Revenue (December): $1,700
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $48.1
  • Weekend Revenue Per Available Room (Weekend RevPAR): $114
  • Best Month: December
  • Market Score: 27
  • Average Home Value: $356,235, indicating a 4.6% increase over the past year

At $120.7, with a peak at $138 in May, the ADR suggests a moderate pricing strategy can attract a wide audience. The relatively low average occupancy rate of 39% contrasts with a peak of 57% in September, hinting at significant seasonal variability. With an average annual revenue of $17.4K and a peak monthly revenue of $1,700 in December, strategic pricing and marketing during high-demand periods are crucial. The presence of 199 listings indicates a competitive market but also reflects a demand capable of sustaining a high number of hosts.

A 4.6% year-over-year increase in home values to an average of $356,235 suggests a positive investment climate and growing interest in the area.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Neighborhood Insights for 07103 Area

University Heights and its Extensions (North and East)

Home to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University-Newark, these areas attract a steady influx of students, faculty, and visitors, making them prime locations for short-term rentals catering to academic visitors.

Ideal for hosts looking to market to visiting academics, students, and their families, especially during the start and end of academic terms, graduations, and special university events.

Fairmount and its Sectors (Southeast, West)

Known for its residential charm and community parks like West Side Park, Fairmount offers a quieter stay within the city, appealing to guests seeking a suburban feel.

Hosts can target families and long-term visitors looking for a neighborhood with a strong community vibe and access to green spaces.

West Side and its Divisions (North, Park North, Park South)

This area is characterized by its cultural diversity and vibrant local scene, with a mix of residential and commercial offerings.

Ideal for Airbnb listings that highlight local dining, shopping, and easy access to Newark’s main attractions, appealing to tourists and business travelers alike.

Springfield – Belmont and its Variants (West, Northwest)

A neighborhood with a rich historical background and a mix of architectural styles, offering a glimpse into Newark’s heritage.

Hosts here can leverage the area’s historical appeal, marketing to guests interested in architecture and local history.

S 9th St., 13th Ave. and S. 19th St., 18th Ave.

These areas offer a mix of residential comfort and proximity to Newark’s bustling centers, providing a balanced option for visitors.

Suitable for hosts aiming to attract guests looking for a peaceful retreat that remains close to the city’s conveniences and attractions.

Market Challenges and Opportunities

The 07103 ZIP code’s market score of 27 and occupancy rate of 39% may suggest initial challenges in attracting guests. However, the seasonal peaks in September and December, along with the growing home values, indicate growth potential. Hosts can optimize their listings by focusing on the unique characteristics of each neighborhood, strategic pricing during peak periods, and marketing the proximity to universities and cultural hotspots.

In conclusion, Newark’s 07103 ZIP code represents a market with untapped potential, particularly appealing to those willing to dive deep into the unique offerings of its diverse neighborhoods. By focusing on strategic marketing, hosts can leverage the educational institutions, cultural diversity, and residential appeal of 07103 to attract a wide range of guests.

Newark’s 07107 ZIP Code: A Comprehensive Airbnb Market Analysis

The 07107 ZIP code area of Newark, New Jersey, presents an appealing landscape for Airbnb hosts and real estate investors, driven by its moderate pricing, consistent occupancy rates, and a diverse array of neighborhoods. This analysis delves into the market dynamics, revenue potential, and neighborhood characteristics to provide a detailed overview of the opportunities within this area.

Market Overview

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR): $106.6
  • Maximum Daily Rate (December): $126
  • Occupancy Rate: 53%
  • Maximum Occupancy Rate (December): 63%
  • Total Available Listings: 125
  • Average Annual Revenue: $20.7K
  • Maximum Monthly Revenue (December): $2,000
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $57.8
  • Weekend Revenue Per Available Room (Weekend RevPAR): $106
  • Best Month: December
  • Market Score: 60
  • Average Home Value in 07107: $455,775, up 5.0% over the past year

The Average Daily Rate (ADR) of $106.6, with a peak in December at $126, suggests an affordable price point attractive to a broad spectrum of Airbnb guests. An average occupancy of 53% throughout the year, peaking at 63% in December, indicates steady demand, particularly in the holiday season. With 125 total available listings and an average annual revenue of $20.7K per listing, the area shows a healthy balance between supply and demand. The maximum monthly revenue in December reaches $2,000, underscoring the lucrative potential during peak times. Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) of $57.8, coupled with a weekend RevPAR of $106, highlights the weekend as particularly profitable for hosts.

A Market Score of 60 reflects a relatively strong performance within the broader Airbnb market in Newark.

The average home value in 07107 is $455,775, showing a 5.0% increase over the past year, which signals a robust and growing real estate market.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Neighborhood Insights

Upper Roseville and Its Subsections (East, Lower Roseville)

These areas are known for their residential charm, with a mix of single-family homes and apartment buildings. The presence of parks and local shops adds to the appeal for guests seeking a blend of community and convenience.

N 7th St. / Delavan Ave. W & N 9th St. / Davenport Ave.

These neighborhoods offer a glimpse into Newark’s vibrant community life, with easy access to local eateries and shopping. They are ideal for guests interested in experiencing Newark’s diverse cultural scene.

1st Ave. / Roseville Ave. & Roseville

Characterized by its historical buildings and quiet streets, this area attracts guests looking for a more laid-back visit with the opportunity to explore local history and architecture.

University Heights North & Fairmount Areas (Southeast, East, Northeast)

Proximity to higher education institutions and the dynamic Fairmount district make these areas appealing to academic visitors, families, and professionals. The blend of cultural activities and educational events provides a constant stream of potential guests.

S 9th St. / 13th Ave. & S 11th St. / 9th Ave.

These neighborhoods are attractive for their residential feel coupled with the convenience of being close to Newark’s central districts. They are suitable for guests seeking a quiet retreat with the option to venture into more bustling areas.

Strategic Considerations

To maximize the potential within Newark’s 07107 ZIP code, Airbnb hosts should consider:

Seasonal Pricing: Leveraging the peak in December by adjusting prices to reflect the higher demand.

Targeted Marketing: Highlighting the unique features of each neighborhood in listings, such as proximity to parks, universities, or local cultural hotspots.

Weekend Specials: Creating weekend-specific experiences or promotions to take advantage of the higher weekend RevPAR.

Community Engagement: Participating in or sponsoring local events to increase the visibility and attractiveness of listings to potential guests.

The 07107 ZIP code area of Newark offers a promising market for Airbnb hosts, characterized by its diverse neighborhoods, consistent demand, and growth in home values. By strategically leveraging the unique aspects of each neighborhood and focusing on peak demand periods, hosts can enhance their occupancy rates and revenue, capitalizing on the opportunities presented by this vibrant and dynamic area of Newark.

Newark’s 07112 ZIP Code: An In-Depth Airbnb Market Overview

Newark’s 07112 ZIP code encapsulates a diverse and vibrant area that is showing promising signs for Airbnb hosts and real estate investors. Characterized by a blend of residential communities and the beautiful Weequahic Park, this area offers a variety of experiences for guests. Here’s an analysis of the Airbnb market in 07112, supported by current data and insights into the unique neighborhoods within the ZIP code.

Market Dynamics

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR): $111.3
  • Maximum Daily Rate (December, September): $120
  • Occupancy Rate: 48%
  • Maximum Occupancy Rate (December): 58%
  • Total Available Listings: 239
  • Average Annual Revenue: $19.4K
  • Maximum Monthly Revenue (October): $1,800
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $53.7
  • Weekend Revenue Per Available Room (Weekend RevPAR): $118
  • Best Month: December
  • Market Score: 41
  • Average Home Value in 07112: $441,257, up 8.5% over the past year

The 07112 ZIP code in Newark presents promising opportunities for Airbnb hosts, with an Average Daily Rate (ADR) of $111.3. Peaks in December and September, reaching $120, indicate seasonal demand spikes, particularly during the end-of-year holidays. The Occupancy Rate averages at 48%, with December reaching a high of 58%, underlining the attractiveness of the area during peak travel seasons. Boasting 239 available listings, hosts can generate an average annual revenue of $19.4K per host, with October showing the highest monthly revenue at $1,800, indicating potential for strategic pricing and promotions. Revenue metrics reveal a Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) of $53.7, with the weekend rate surging to $118, highlighting the weekend as a prime opportunity for increased earnings. Despite a Market Score of 41, indicating room for growth and optimization in hosting strategies, the area’s real estate market remains robust. With an average home value of $441,257, witnessing an 8.5% increase over the past year, it reflects growing interest and investment potential for Airbnb hosts.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Neighborhood Highlights

Weequahic and Its Subsections

The heart of 07112, Weequahic and its surrounding areas (North, West, Northwest, East, Northeast) are known for the expansive Weequahic Park, offering a lake, golf course, and sports facilities. These neighborhoods are ideal for guests looking for leisure activities or serene walks within urban settings.

Clinton Hill West & Lower Clinton Hill

These areas combine the charm of residential living with access to Newark’s vibrant cultural and dining scenes. With historic homes and tree-lined streets, they offer a quaint backdrop for guests interested in experiencing Newark’s diverse community life.

Mapes Ave., Shephard Ave., Girard Pl., and Hawthorne Ave.

Known for their close-knit communities and local amenities, these neighborhoods appeal to guests seeking a homey environment. The area’s family-friendly vibe and parks make it attractive for longer stays.

Millington Ave. / Van Ness Pl.

This neighborhood stands out for its mix of residential comfort and accessibility to key Newark attractions, providing a balanced offering for both short- and long-term visitors.

Strategic Insights for Hosts

Seasonal Opportunities: Targeting the high-demand months of December and September with tailored promotions can maximize occupancy and revenue.

Weekend Appeal: Leveraging the significant difference in weekend RevPAR to create weekend getaway packages or special offers could attract more bookings.

Community Engagement: Hosting or sponsoring local events and activities, particularly in Weequahic Park, can enhance the guest experience and boost the visibility of listings.

Market Positioning: With the market score indicating growth potential, focusing on unique selling points of each neighborhood, exceptional guest services, and optimized listings can improve market presence.

The Airbnb market in Newark’s 07112 ZIP code presents a compelling opportunity for hosts, underscored by a growing real estate market and a diverse array of neighborhoods catering to different guest preferences. By strategically tapping into the seasonal peaks, weekend market, and the unique charms of each neighborhood, hosts can unlock the full potential of their investments in this vibrant area of Newark.

Top Newark Airbnb Neighborhoods Every Host Should Invest In

Conclusion: Capitalizing on Newark’s Airbnb Market

Investing in an Airbnb property in Newark requires a strategic approach, focusing on neighborhoods that align with your investment goals and the experiences you want to offer your guests. From the bustling streets of Downtown Newark to the serene parks of Weequahic, each neighborhood presents its own set of opportunities and challenges. By understanding the unique appeal of Newark Airbnb neighborhoods, Airbnb hosts can create compelling, competitive listings that not only attract guests but also provide a significant return on investment.