• Airbnb Cleaning in Edmonton

Why is Airbnb Cleaning Service in Edmonton and Laundry Service in Edmonton so Important?

Maintaining a pristine environment and immaculate linens stand as paramount factors in the realm of Airbnb cleanliness, potentially shaping the destiny of your reputation as an Airbnb Host and influencing the allure of your Airbnb Listing. An unwavering commitment to precision holds supreme importance when it comes to how your abode presents itself, setting the tone for the guests’ initial encounter.

It’s imperative to grasp that while the allure of personally undertaking the cleaning responsibilities might be strong, the merits of engaging professional Airbnb Cleaning services in Edmonton warrant careful consideration.

The Pareto Principle, famously known as the 80/20 rule, asserts that 80% of outcomes stem from 20% of inputs. Applying this principle to the context of Airbnb hosting reveals its relevance in multiple dimensions. Initially, it’s evident that a staggering 80% of unfavorable reviews share a common root cause – subpar and unprofessional cleanliness standards experienced by guests during their stay.

Furthermore, this principle finds application in a time-centric context. Approximately 80% of hosts acknowledge that Airbnb Cleaning in Edmonton consumes a substantial portion of their time. When attempting to shoulder the role of the Airbnb cleaner personally, numerous hosts squander significant spans of their precious time, a resource that could be invested more fruitfully elsewhere.

Airbnb Cleaning Edmonton

The Benefits of Professional Airbnb Cleaning Edmonton

Airbnb Cleaning Edmonton
  • Enhanced Reviews: The degree of cleanliness achieved by an experienced and skilled professional cleaner is unparalleled when compared to a host who lacks this expertise.
  • Increased Time Efficiency: Opting for professional cleaning results in saved time, empowering hosts to concentrate on other crucial dimensions of their life.
  • Significantly Reduced Stress: Given the time-sensitive nature of Airbnb cleaning, particularly with hosts accommodating minimum 1-night stays, the pressure to consistently ensure the property is promptly and consistently clean can be substantially alleviated.

What Airbnb Cleaning Services We Provide in Edmonton

Don’t undertake the role of the Airbnb cleaner yourself — check out the list of services we provide below.


  • Dishes;
  • Cabinet/ Counter-Top;
  • Appliances;
  • Sink;
  • Bin/ Garbage Removal;
  • Floor (Vacuum & Mopping);
  • Wipe Baseboards;
  • Wipe Door Frames;
  • Stove top and Oven;
  • Fridge and Freezer;
  • Replacement of broken/missing kitchenware;
  • Window/ Window Panel;
  • Floor and Wall Scuff Removal;
  • Dusting and Artwork cleaning.


  • Mirror;
  • Bath & Shower;
  • Sink(s)/ Sanitizing;
  • Countertops;
  • Toilet & Bleaching;
  • Floors;
  • Baseboards;
  • Doors;
  • Clean Inside and Outside of Cabinets;
  • Wipe Windowpane;
  • Wall/Floor Scuff Removal.

Bedroom & Guest Areas

  • Bed Making / Remove and Wash Dirty Linen/Towels;
  • Supply new sets of Linen and Towels;
  • Wipe surfaces;
  • Vacuum Floor / Furniture;
  • Trash Removal;
  • Staging the unit as per specifications;
  • Floor Vacuuming & Mopping;
  • Wipe Baseboards;
  • Wipe Doors/Frames;
  • Clean Furniture in rooms.

Airbnb laundry

  • Sheets;
  • Pillowcases;
  • Duvet Covers;
  • Blankets & Comforters;
  • Towels;
  • Bathrobes.

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