Airbnb's Best Investment Neighbourhoods in San Diego

Airbnb’s Best Investment Neighbourhoods in San Diego

In the sun-soaked city of San Diego, the prospects for Airbnb investments are as diverse as the landscapes it boasts. From the surfer’s paradise of Pacific Beach to the upscale allure of La Jolla, each neighborhood presents unique opportunities for potential investors. Here, we delve into the distinct characteristics and metrics of each area, guiding you through the best investment neighborhoods in San Diego.

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Mission Beach: A Detailed Examination

Airbnb Metrics Deep Dive:

  • ADR: With an impressive $544.8, peaking at $650 in July, Mission Beach stands out for its profitability per day.
  • Occupancy Rate: A high average of 73%, reaching 93% in July, indicates consistent demand.
  • Total Listings & Type: 1,525 available, primarily entire homes (99%), cater to families and groups.
  • Rental Sizes: The prevalence of 3-bedroom units (34%) suggests a preference for larger accommodations.
  • Revenue & RevPAR: Averaging annual $145.8K, with a remarkable RevPAR of $403.3, showcasing strong earning potential.
  • Market Score & Home Values: A market score of 64 and high home values ($1,778,864) underline investment viability.

Mission Beach Location & Best Places:

Centrally located, Mission Beach is a treasure trove of attractions, notably Belmont Park and SeaWorld San Diego, establishing it as a hotspot for families and tourists. The area boasts a lively boardwalk, numerous beachfront eateries, and a plethora of recreational activities, such as surfing and beach volleyball, providing a vibrant and diverse experience for visitors. The mix of laid-back beach vibes and thrilling attractions ensures a memorable stay, making Mission Beach a preferred destination for a broad spectrum of travelers.

Mission Beach Transportation:

Mission Beach is well connected through public transit and major roads, ensuring convenience for both hosts and guests. Multiple bus routes and the proximity to major highways facilitate easy access to and from the neighborhood, allowing visitors to explore the surrounding areas with ease. Additionally, the availability of bike rentals and pedestrian-friendly paths contributes to a variety of transportation options, catering to different preferences and enhancing the overall accessibility and appeal of Mission Beach.


In conclusion, Mission Beach exemplifies a prime Airbnb investment locale, boasting impressive metrics such as a high ADR of $544.8, consistent demand evidenced by a 73% average occupancy rate, and a substantial variety of listings primarily catering to families and groups. The neighborhood’s central location, proximity to attractions like Belmont Park and SeaWorld, diverse recreational activities, and excellent connectivity through various transportation options further enhance its appeal. Coupled with strong earning potential, high home values, and a favorable market score, Mission Beach stands out as a lucrative and vibrant destination for both hosts and travelers.

Pacific Beach: An In-depth Analysis

Airbnb Metrics Deep Dive:

  • ADR & Occupancy Rate: A steady ADR of $396.6 and a 71% occupancy rate, peaking at 90% in July, denote stable demand.
  • Total Listings & Type: 1,293 listings, predominantly entire homes (94%), offer variety.
  • Rental Sizes: A balanced mix, with 2-bedroom units being slightly dominant (33%).
  • Revenue & RevPAR: Consistent average revenue of $102.8K and a RevPAR of $280.7 highlight profitability.
  • Market Score & Home Values: A market score of 64 and average home values of $1,302,337 indicate a balanced investment environment.

Pacific Beach Location and Best Places:

Pacific Beach, known for its scenic vistas and dynamic nightlife, caters to a diverse demographic. The area is adorned with a mix of trendy boutiques, diverse dining options, and lively bars, making it a hotspot for guests seeking both relaxation and entertainment. The iconic Crystal Pier offers stunning ocean views and fishing opportunities, adding another layer of charm to this vibrant neighborhood.

Pacific Beach Transportation:

Efficient public transportation and road connectivity facilitate ease of travel within the neighborhood. Numerous bus routes crisscross the area, providing convenient access to various parts of Pacific Beach and connecting it to neighboring communities. Additionally, well-maintained roads and bike paths offer additional options for guests preferring to drive or cycle, making transportation within Pacific Beach versatile and accommodating for residents and visitors alike.


From a host’s viewpoint, Pacific Beach in San Diego presents a lucrative Airbnb investment opportunity, characterized by a stable ADR of $396.6, a high occupancy rate peaking at 90% in July, and a variety of predominantly entire-home listings. The neighborhood’s diverse appeal, marked by scenic vistas, dynamic nightlife, and iconic landmarks like Crystal Pier, caters to a wide demographic, enhancing its attractiveness to guests. Additionally, the efficient public transportation, well-connected road networks, and versatile accommodation options underscore its balanced investment environment, with the consistent revenue and favorable market score further validating its potential for a rewarding hosting experience.

La Jolla: A Comprehensive Review

Airbnb  Metrics Deep Dive:

  • ADR & Occupancy Rate: La Jolla boasts the highest ADR at $645.2 and maintains a 73% occupancy rate, maximizing at 88% in July.
  • Total Listings & Type: 890 listings, mainly entire homes (91%), with a significant proportion of larger units.
  • Revenue & RevPAR: The high average revenue of $171.2K and a remarkable RevPAR of $461.4 reflect the area’s luxury status.
  • Market Score & Home Values: An elevated market score of 80 and premium home values ($2,224,285) accentuate the exclusivity of La Jolla.

La Jolla Location & Best Places:

La Jolla, synonymous with luxury, offers high-end attractions and dining experiences, appealing to discerning travelers. The neighborhood boasts pristine beaches, renowned art galleries, and upscale boutiques, reflecting its affluent and cultured ambiance. The presence of natural wonders such as La Jolla Cove and the Torrey Pines State Reserve adds to its allure, providing a blend of relaxation and adventure for visitors seeking a premium experience.

La Jolla Transportation:

The neighborhood of La Jolla is well served by public transport and major roadways, ensuring accessibility. Convenient bus routes and well-maintained roads make commuting within the area and to nearby attractions seamless. Additionally, the availability of ride-sharing services and ample parking spaces accommodate those preferring to drive, enhancing the overall ease of transportation in this luxurious locale.


In conclusion, La Jolla manifests as a highly attractive and luxurious Airbnb investment locale, blending an impressive ADR of $645.2, consistent demand with a 73% occupancy rate, and a portfolio of predominantly entire homes, catering to discerning travelers. The neighborhood’s financial allure is amplified by high average revenue of $171.2K, remarkable RevPAR of $461.4, an elevated market score of 80, and premium home values, underscoring its exclusivity and investment viability. The area is renowned for its blend of high-end attractions, pristine beaches, renowned art galleries, and natural wonders like La Jolla Cove and Torrey Pines State Reserve, offering a unique premium experience. Additionally, La Jolla’s well-connected transportation network, including convenient public transit and ride-sharing services, ensures seamless accessibility, further enhancing its appeal as a prime choice for investors in the upscale Airbnb market.

Ocean Beach: A Thorough Investigation

Airbnb Metrics Deep Dive:

  • ADR & Occupancy Rate: Ocean Beach features an ADR of $306.6, with a spike to $357 in July, and sustains a 75% occupancy rate, peaking at 92%.
  • Total Listings & Type: With 625 listings, predominantly entire homes (95%), it offers various accommodation options.
  • Rental Sizes: The availability of smaller units, primarily 1 and 2-bedroom, caters to solo travelers and smaller groups.
  • Revenue & RevPAR: The area sees an average revenue of $84.2K and a RevPAR of $228.5, indicating steady earnings.
  • Market Score & Home Values: A market score of 67 and average home values of $1,204,380 suggest a balanced investment landscape.

Ocean Beach Location & Best Places:

Ocean Beach is recognized for its bohemian vibe and diverse eateries, making it a popular choice among a varied demographic. The neighborhood features a plethora of unique shops, vibrant street art, and a laid-back atmosphere, attracting those who appreciate a more alternative and relaxed lifestyle. The iconic Ocean Beach Pier, along with the nearby Dog Beach and Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, offers additional recreational opportunities and scenic beauty, adding to the appeal of this eclectic locale.

Ocean Beach Transportation:

The neighborhood of Ocean Beach boasts excellent connectivity through public transit and well-maintained roads. Multiple bus lines service the area, ensuring easy access to surrounding neighborhoods and key attractions within San Diego. The availability of bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly walkways also contributes to the diverse transportation options, accommodating different preferences and enhancing the overall accessibility of Ocean Beach.


In conclusion, Ocean Beach emerges as a balanced Airbnb investment option, boasting a solid ADR, high occupancy rate, and diverse accommodations. The neighborhood’s financial stability is reflected in consistent revenues, a balanced market score, and average home values, indicating a steady investment landscape. Ocean Beach’s bohemian charm, diverse attractions, and excellent connectivity through various transportation options enhance its appeal, marking it as a noteworthy choice in the Airbnb market.

East Village: An In-depth Scrutiny

Airbnb Metrics Deep Dive:

  • ADR & Occupancy Rate: East Village has an ADR of $252.5, rising to $306 in July, and maintains a 58% occupancy rate, reaching 75% in July.
  • Total Listings & Type: Hosting 535 listings, primarily 1 and 2-bedroom units, it appeals to individuals and smaller groups.
  • Revenue & RevPAR: The average revenue stands at $53.4K, with a RevPAR of $150.5, showcasing consistent profitability.
  • Market Score & Home Values: With a market score of 66 and home values averaging $668,293, East Village presents an accessible investment option.

East Village Location & Best Places:

East Village, a hub of arts and culture, offers a unique urban experience and is close to various attractions and entertainment venues. The neighborhood is home to Petco Park, where the San Diego Padres play, and boasts a vibrant mix of art galleries, theaters, and music venues, reflecting its creative spirit. Diverse dining options, craft breweries, and trendy boutiques line the streets, providing a rich and varied experience for residents and visitors alike.

East Village Transportation:

The area of East Village is well served by public transport and major thoroughfares, facilitating easy commutes. Multiple bus and trolley lines run through the neighborhood, connecting it efficiently to other parts of San Diego. Additionally, the presence of bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks enhances the accessibility and convenience of navigating through this culturally vibrant locale.


East Village emerges as an appealing and accessible Airbnb investment option, characterized by a moderate ADR of $252.5, a steady occupancy rate, and a diverse range of primarily smaller units appealing to individuals and groups. The area showcases consistent profitability with average revenue at $53.4K and a RevPAR of $150.5, coupled with a market score of 66 and average home values of $668,293, underscoring its investment accessibility. As a hub of arts and culture, East Village offers a unique urban experience, hosting an array of attractions, entertainment venues, art galleries, and diverse dining options, enriching the lifestyle of residents and visitors. The neighborhood’s excellent connectivity, facilitated by various public transport options and well-maintained thoroughfares, further enhances its attractiveness, making East Village a vibrant and convenient locale for Airbnb investments.

North Park: A Comprehensive Examination

Airbnb Metrics Deep Dive:

  • ADR & Occupancy Rate: North Park features an ADR of $212.3, peaking at $251 in July, with a steady 72% occupancy rate, maximizing at 88% in July.
  • Total Listings & Type: The neighborhood offers 429 listings, mainly smaller units, making it suitable for solo travelers and couples.
  • Revenue & RevPAR: The average revenue is $56.2K, with a RevPAR of $155, indicating stable earning potential.
  • Market Score & Home Values: A market score of 67 and average home values of $887,131 make it an attractive investment venue.

North Park Location & Best Places:

North Park is renowned for its hipster culture and craft breweries, attracting a young and vibrant crowd. The neighborhood features a dynamic mix of independent boutiques, art galleries, and coffee shops, reflecting its creative and eclectic vibe. Additionally, North Park hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating arts, music, and culinary delights, making it a lively and engaging community for both residents and visitors.

North Park Transportation:

North Park boasts efficient public transportation and well-structured road networks, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all. Numerous bus routes traverse the area, providing easy connections to neighboring communities and the broader San Diego region. The availability of bike lanes and the walkability of the neighborhood further contribute to the diverse and convenient transportation options, facilitating a seamless urban living experience in North Park.


North Park stands out as an attractive Airbnb investment venue, with its ADR of $212.3, a steady 72% occupancy rate, and a variety of listings primarily catering to solo travelers and couples. The neighborhood demonstrates stable earning potential, evidenced by an average revenue of $56.2K and a RevPAR of $155, complemented by a market score of 67 and average home values of $887,131. Renowned for its vibrant hipster culture, North Park offers a diverse and creative environment, featuring independent boutiques, art galleries, craft breweries, and a plethora of events and festivals, making it a lively and engaging community. The efficient public transportation, well-structured road networks, and the walkability of the neighborhood enhance its accessibility and convenience, underscoring North Park’s appeal as a dynamic and investable locale in the Airbnb market.

San Diego Airbnb Market Trends and Forecasts

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As the Airbnb market in San Diego continues to flourish, understanding the market trends and forecasts is crucial for prospective investors. Several key trends and forecasts can provide a future-oriented perspective and help investors navigate the dynamic landscape of Airbnb investments in San Diego.

Growing Demand for Unique Experiences

The desire for unique and localized experiences among travelers is on the rise. Neighborhoods like Ocean Beach and North Park, known for their bohemian charm and hipster culture, respectively, are likely to see increased interest from travelers seeking non-traditional accommodations and diverse cultural experiences.

Luxury Market Expansion

With La Jolla leading in luxury accommodations, there is a forecasted expansion of the luxury market in San Diego. The demand for high-end, premium experiences is expected to grow, driving up the Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) in upscale neighborhoods.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Accommodations

The trend towards sustainability is shaping the hospitality industry. Properties that offer eco-friendly features and operate sustainably are anticipated to gain popularity. This trend could benefit neighborhoods with natural attractions, such as La Jolla and Pacific Beach.

Technology Integration

The integration of technology in property management is expected to enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency. Neighborhoods with a higher concentration of tech-savvy hosts and properties equipped with smart technology may have a competitive edge.

Shift in Traveler Demographics

A shift in traveler demographics, with millennials and Gen Z becoming the dominant cohorts, is likely to impact the types of accommodations and experiences in demand. Neighborhoods offering vibrant nightlife, cultural diversity, and adventure activities may see increased popularity among these younger travelers.

Market Resilience Post-Pandemic

San Diego’s Airbnb market has demonstrated resilience in the face of global challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The continued recovery and growth of the travel industry are expected to further bolster the Airbnb market in the region, with a positive outlook for most neighborhoods.

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Final Thoughts

In the diverse and picturesque landscape of San Diego, La Jolla emerges as the pinnacle for Airbnb investments, distinguished by its highest ADR of $645.2, premium experiences, and luxury status. However, each neighborhood brings unique strengths to the table. Mission Beach showcases impressive profitability with a high ADR and consistent demand, coupled with a vibrant mix of recreational activities, making it a hotspot for families and tourists. Pacific Beach, with its stable demand and diverse appeal, offers a blend of scenic vistas and dynamic nightlife, catering to a varied demographic. Ocean Beach stands out for its bohemian charm and diverse accommodations, providing a balanced investment landscape. East Village, a culturally vibrant locale, presents an accessible investment option with its moderate ADR and unique urban experiences. Lastly, North Park, renowned for its hipster culture and eclectic vibe, offers stable earning potential and a lively community atmosphere. Each neighborhood, with its distinct characteristics and strengths, contributes to the rich tapestry of investment opportunities in San Diego.