Airbnb Key Exchange

Solutions For Airbnb Key Exchange Service For Your Guests

The check in and check out process is a thing every Airbnb and host must master, however, you want to make sure you don’t forget about one of the most important aspects, the Airbnb key exchange service. It can be a tricky process for some hosts. Since most people like to book their Airbnbs for vacations, weekend getaways, and spring breaks, there is a high possibility that you could also be caught up in your own busy life when your guests choose to check-in. The vacation rental key must be delivered to your guests and that is where the issue begins. How can that be done promptly and on short notice (in case of a delayed flight, etc)? There are a few ways for dealing with this issue and we will be discussing these today:

Hire an Airbnb Key Service

There are many Airbnb management companies that specialize in Airbnb key exchange services. Although they charge fees for this service, it is worth it. Leave this aspect of your business to be handled by professional companies. Most of the time these companies will provide your guests with their designated keys as well as take care of other things such as cleaning, communications and maintaining your residence throughout your guests’ stay. A guest waiting for a key to get into their Airbnb is not a happy guest. 

Use Lockboxes for Airbnb Key Exchange

Not quite reliable, but easy to install lockboxes can potentially be broken into and their passwords hacked within a short period of time. Unless your area is pretty secure and there is no danger of people breaking in, then you can rely on a lockbox to store your key. Moreover, smart lockboxes can also be unlocked and secured through the help of an app, so you can do it all on your phone, if you want to save some costs.

Hide Your Key Somewhere

This is an unlikely option to go for since it may be perceived unprofessional. Who would like to search around for their room’s key after finally reaching their destination? But it is a fairly common method of Airbnb key exchange and most of the time it works. Whether you place your key under the welcome mat or in under your favorite flower pot, your guests are sure to understand and be practical. 

Entrust an Acquaintance with the Key

If you are unfortunately out of the city and do not feel comfortable using any of the above methods of Airbnb key exchange, then you can instead hand over the keys to someone you know. That can either be a friend, relative or even maid that works at your vacation rental. Of course, for your guests that wouldn’t be the same as you welcoming them in person handing them the keys, but it would certainly be more reliable. Most maids and cleaners are used to this kind of responsibility placed on them. Hosts usually also pay their cleaners a little extra commission for sticking around and handing the keys over to the guests.

Key Exchanges In Local Shops

Another method of Airbnb keys management is to entrust the keys with a local café/store. That is a popular technique but not available everywhere. Such services are mostly available in certain regions and it works by your guest providing a specific code to the designated store and receiving their key in return.
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