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Airbnb Family-Friendly: Make Your Property Secure for Visitors with Children

Renters touring with kids are always concerned about the place of stay. Different children act differently in new environments. Their safety is of utmost importance to the parents, and a little help from the Airbnb host can make things much easier for them. When rentals are family-friendly, parents can be less anxious about the security and enjoyment of the children. They get a chance to enjoy the holiday just the way they imagined.  

When you own a property that parents feel is safe for their children, your Airbnb business will reach a larger audience. There will be a surge in the count of reservations, which means more income.

In this article, we walk you through different things you are expected to acknowledge to turn the property into a family-friendly home. 

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Apprehend the needs of parents

The most reliable way of knowing the security needs of children is by having conversations with the parents. You might have provided certain amenities for making the property family-friendly, but if it doesn’t suffice the needs of your guests, it can fetch you some negative remarks or cancellation of the booking. To avoid such situations, it is better to know the expectations of your customer beforehand. Talk to them and find out if they feel their children will be safe with the arrangements made at the property. Take note of the suggestions from your guests and make required arrangements to ensure they feel safe at the property.  

Catering to the needs of children

Many Airbnb homes provide facilities to keep the children safe. However, most lack utilities to keep the child entertained and happy. A cranky kid is not something parents enjoy on their holiday. To be a good Airbnb host, you can make certain that the children who come to your property are happy throughout the visit. It is a manageable job. You just need to include a few items in the rooms that children usually love.  

You can have a small closet filled with coloring works, storybooks, and toys. A high feeding chair or a pack-and-play can be extremely useful to parents with toddlers and babies. Kids also love having stuffed toys. You can arrange for some such toys on your property whenever families with young kids make reservations. Having a bowl of treats or a bottle filled with candies will make the children very happy too.  

Young kids also like to get extra cozy when napping, so put some extra pillows and soft blankets in the bedrooms for their comfort.  

Ensuring a harmless environment for kids of all ages

Family favorable Airbnb dwellings are mainly intended to provide a space that is babyproof. Ensuring the protection of the children is of utmost importance and the host should take enough care to avert any sort of minor or major accidents. Fittings, kitchenware, or any other item in the house should be safe for the children. 


Have protection for the stoves and regulators to avoid having kids touch them. Do not store things in glass items in the pantry as they can break easily. Provide child locks to the kitchen cabinets that are within the reach of kids. Check heating equipment like ovens are far from a child’s grasp. 

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• Furniture

Do not keep any fancy or expensive furniture items on the property. Children might break things while playing. Tables with glass tops should be avoided. Go for wooden tables instead. Furniture with sharp corners should also be avoided.  

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• Staircases

Children often forget about their safety when playing. Many children get injured trying to run downstairs. If families bring in their toddlers, they tend to crawl or walk up or down the staircase. This can be very risky. Therefore, guard the staircases properly. You can use safety gates if needed.  

• Electrical equipment

All electrical items should be properly insulated and stored in safe places, away from children. Plug points should be secured so that kids are safe even if they touch them accidentally. Hairdryers, heating rods, irons, and heaters should be kept safe and beyond children’s reach.  

• Cleaning

With babies around, parents expect the home to be well sanitized with safe cleaning agents so that the children don’t get any sort of infections from the new environment. If there are any toxic plants around, have them removed. Don’t keep any cactus or other thorny plants also.  

Keep the floor as clean as possible. The toys and other utilities for children should be cleaned too. Don’t forget to mention the cleaning services of your listing.  

• Bedding

The mattress should be made waterproof with proper protectors. Children may wet the bed during the visit. Assure parents that they do not have to pay anything extra if their children wet the mattress. Likewise, waterproof cribs too. 

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Stick to Airbnb Baby policy

All proprietors are expected to let infants visit, free of any charges at their rentals. It implies the holiday rental should be made babyproof. Also, provide things that parents might need for their babies. People with infants should feel safe when reserving the property.  

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Be Particular about Promoting your property

If you are an owner of rentals for families, make it a point to advertise equally on all platforms. Mention all comforts that will be available for folks with children. List out all the distinctive characteristics you have in the property for the entertainment of the children. Stress on the safety measures you have adopted to make the premises secure for the kids. Your visitors will not invest time to read through the entire description. Therefore, all the family-oriented facilities should be highlighted in clear and simple words.  

The surroundings of the property are also important. Parents should be aware of the security level in the neighborhood so that they can take the children out for walking or playing. Mention all such details in the listing description to give the guests a clear picture. Your bookings will increase once the property becomes suitable for all types of guests. 

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