Top Airbnb Management Software

Top Airbnb Management Software in 2022


Managing numerous properties on Airbnb is a very lucrative business opportunity. But along with the increased revenue, Airbnb property management invites a greater number of challenges. Airbnb management software is there to help you. There are a few amazing Airbnb software products out there that offer cutting edge features that could help you to solve all issues. The vacation rental management software will take away the burden of recurring operations and provide you with a better tool for effective management. The short-term rental business requires quick replies and spontaneous actions and the automatic features of the property management software companies will assist you to fulfill these functions. Using the services of such software will save you a great deal of time that you could invest in framing strategies to develop your business.

The following are Airbnb management software products that provide the best tools to assist and guide you in this challenging endeavor.

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The best Airbnb management software

1. Hosty

Hosty was created by a team of professional Airbnb property managers for Airbnb property owners and property managers with deep inside knowledge and understanding of the true nature of daily Airbnb management challenges.

Hosty’s Airbnb management software is easy to use and very intuitive. Hosty offers a wide range of features that help you to deal with the main burdens of managing Airbnb properties. The software was developed to solve the recurring issues faced by the hosts while handling multiple accounts and listings on Airbnb. The aim of the software is to significantly improve your management processes and aid you to achieve superior profitability.  


This is what sets Hosty apart from all competitors – its democratic rates.

The most affordable paid package is “Hosty Basic” and it offers the services at the rate of $7 per month, per active property. This package allows you to manage unlimited number of properties.

The most popular high-performance package is Hosty Advanced. This package will allow you to access advanced features for the rate of just $10 per month, per active property. There are also no restrictions on the number of listings managed and the additional features will help you to boost your revenue.


  • Reservations management system

This is a very helpful feature that aids you to organize your reservations. The reservations management system will display your reservation history with accepted bookings, inquiries,  canceled bookings, and declined bookings all on a single screen. The well-organized data will help you to think clearly and manage all your tasks effectively. This will lead to effective decision making which will, in turn, contribute to the increase in profits.

  • Airbnb Multi calendar

No one wants to constantly jump through different Airbnb accounts. When one is handling numerous properties listed on Airbnb then the task for setting up your calendar is really difficult. But with Hosty’s Airbnb management software you can easily handle a large portfolio. The Airbnb Multi Calendar will display the calendars for all of your listings on a single screen and you can make instant changes to any of them or have a quick overview of your portfolio’s performance.

  • Airbnb Listing Management tool

It could be overwhelming to manage numerous properties on Airbnb. Hosty’s listing management tool will help you to view and edit your listings easily from one location. This feature makes listing editing and price changing much more convenient. You can also view details about any of the reservations on the same dashboard.

  • Airbnb Central Inbox

It’s very important to maintain efficient communication with your guests. But imagine how complicated things get when you receive the messages from guests separately for each of your Airbnb accounts. So, to help the hosts handle guest communication from multiple accounts and earn better reviews, the software offers the Airbnb Central Inbox. You receive all the messages regarding all your properties on a single platform. Here you can conveniently reply to your guests and also add attachments for effective communication.

  • Airbnb Automation

Another powerful feature to ensure effective and impressive communication with your guests is Airbnb Automation. Using this feature you can generate automated messages for the most common external communication like “Welcome Message”, “Check-in Instructions”, etc. 

  • Saved Replies

Saved Replies allows you to effortlessly share information regarding the property with just one click. These kinds of quick and informative replies always win the hearts of the guests and fetch you good reviews.

Furthermore, Hosty allows you to generate Auto-Tasks and Auto-Reviews to further ease your job of handling multiple Airbnb accounts. All these features would work as your assistant and increase your profits.

Free Trial

Hosty’s Airbnb management software offers 14-day trial experience to test these astounding and useful features.

2. Guesty

Guesty Property management software has tried to cover some of the important property management issues. It came on the market in the year 2013 and since then it has developed into a solid player on the market. The main purpose of this Airbnb software is to solve all the issues and clear the host’s path to success. 


Gusty vacation rental software works to provide each entrepreneur with a personalized experience. Thus, the pricing is also decided according to the specific needs of the manager. They charge up to 3% per booking.


  • Analytics

This feature displays your records using scientific measures so that you can effectively evaluate your performance. 

  • Multi calendar

Multi calendar organizes the calendars from all the listings on a single screen. Using this feature, you can easily access any listing’s calendar you want with just a few clicks. You can go through the bookings and the prices and schedule the tasks conveniently. If your property is listed on numerous channels like Airbnb, Booking.com or VRBO then this feature will prove to be of great help. If the property is booked on any channel then the multi-calendar will block the booked dates on other channels to avoid double bookings. 

  • Multi-units Properties

This feature categorizes your listings and groups the similar ones together. You can easily access them and as a result significantly increase your productivity.

  • Open API

Another useful feature offered by Guesty is their Open API. You can actually build tools for solving your specific problems. This allows you to easily integrate with third party products. 

  • Payment processing

Receiving payment smoothly is crucial in a vacation rental business. It’s not always possible for the property manager to be physically present to accept the payment. So receiving online payment is considered convenient when managing numerous properties and receiving reservations from your own advertising platform. Guesty’s payment processing features offer a secure channel for payment. With this feature, the process of payment receiving is completed smoothly and safely. The guests can conveniently send the payment through this online portal and the host will receive the payment without any obstruction.

  • Task management

Instead of assigning the same jobs to the same people every now and then, just take the help of a task management feature to handle the assigning of the recurring jobs and assuring smooth distribution of roles.

  • 24/7 guest communication service

The guest communication service is available 24/7 and will cater to the needs of your guests when you are unavailable.

Free trials

There is no option for free trial with Guesty management software, but it allows a free demo to check if the features solve your problems.

3. iGMS

Another popular Airbnb management software is iGMS. This vacation rental software aims at organizing the data from different listings on a single platform. If you use iGMS you can invest the time saved in other productive tasks such as strategic planning.


The property management software offers different plans based on the number of listings a host manages. The flexible plan charges $1 per booked night. This plan does not restrict the number of listings. While the prices in pro plans depend upon the number of listings only. For the number of listings ranging between 1- 19, the charges are $30 per property per month, whereas, if a host manages 20 – 50 listings then the prices decrease to $27 per property, per month. The prices also differ in the period of subscription. Furthermore, for the number of listings above 50, there is an enterprise plan that offers customized services.


  • Native smart messaging

The messaging feature of iGMS ensures that your guests are impressed by the quick replies and you are relieved from the stress of replying to each message. The software allows you to automate the replies, use the templates, organize the common responses, and access all the conversations from all the listings on a single platform.

  • Channel manager

In a vacation rental business, it is common to own several accounts on different channels, but it is difficult to manage them. The channel manager feature will aid you in this task and will smoothen the process. If you have listed your properties on numerous channels then it is possible that you face the problem of double booking. Double booking means that the same property is booked for the same dates by two different people on two different channels. The channel manager feature uses the multi-calendar to prevent this problem. The channel manager also displays the data from all the channels on a single dashboard.

  • Cleaning and team management

Assigning the recurring tasks to your team and schedule cleaning can be time-consuming and the monotony could affect your productivity adversely. The cleaning and team management feature of iGMS software will help you to schedule your tasks efficiently and manage the team effectively. With this feature, you can instruct the software to assign the recurring tasks to the team members after the trigger is activated. For example, you can set the trigger as booking confirmation and after every confirmation, a message will be sent to the required team member to perform pre-selected task.

Free trials

The software offers a 14-day free trial.

4. Kigo

Kigo is an Airbnb management software that helps the vacation rental hosts to discharge their function in a way that will increase their productivity and profitability. This vacation rental software aims to provide all the features needed by a host on a single platform. 


The Kigo vacation rental software requires a set-up fee of $1000. After the set-up fee, the property manager is required to choose one of the three plans. The first one is for $109 per month plus $0.70 per booked night. The second costs $149 and an additional $0.70 per booked night. And the third one charges $169 per month with an additional charge of $0.65 per booked night. 


  • Revenue management

The pricing tool developed by Kigo, suggests the best price for the given period to the host. During the period of high occupancy, it settles at high prices while during the dull seasons the prices are suggested to be set less. Kigo software helps the property manager to maintain maximum occupancy and profit. The analytics feature displays the influence of price on the number of bookings and helps the manager to work on the shortcomings and ensure maximum revenue. 

  • Reservation and booking management

Logging into different accounts whenever you want to see the details of your listing’s booking is not an easy task. Thus, the reservation and booking management feature of Kigo software brings together the data of all the bookings belonging to all the accounts on the same platform. You can access any booking information with just a few clicks in a few seconds. Furthermore, the reporting feature helps you to save bills and navigate through the payment history effortlessly. 

  • Kigo pay

This feature offers secure and easy payment options. Kigo pay allows multi-currency online transactions. The whole payment process is controlled by a centralized system so that the payment is received safely across different countries. This feature allows the property manager to expand his business globally. The secure payment channel also impresses the guests as the process of booking becomes convenient and fast. 

  • Guest experience

This feature helps you to impress the guests. Contented guests mean good reviews, which results in good ranking in the Airbnb search results, which leads to an increase in the number of bookings and your revenue. The first step is to maintain effective communication. With the help of automated replies and message templates, the host can reply to inquiries quickly. Automated texts could be used to send relevant information after check-in and review requests after check-out. Kigo software also ensures that the guests are able to contact your staff 24/7 to solve any kind of issue. The better your guest experience the better is your revenue.

  • Operation manager

The software also helps in managing all the operations. From cleaning to team management this feature will aid you to finish all the tasks efficiently. The operation manager feature helps you to easily assign duties to the staff and view all the scheduled operations on a single platform. The checklist and monitoring system of the operation manager helps the host to supervise the operations such as cleaning and maintenance.

  • Insurance

Kigo software helps the hosts in every situation even if there is damage. The insurance feature covers all the traveler’s insurance policies and the damage waiver. 

Besides these, this Airbnb software offers convenient features of the channel manager and website builder.

Free trial

Kigo Airbnb management software allows a 14 days free trial.

5. Your Porter App

In 2016 when two managers of 16 Airbnb properties were astounded by the number of challenges faced during the management of multiple properties, they ensured that no other host should experience the pain. The Your Porter App is an Airbnb management software that is devoted to the betterment of the hosts. The main aim of this property management software is to make every day of managing multiple properties easy.


Pro-host and expanding are the two plans offered by Your Porter app. The Pro-host charges $7 per listing per month and it allows the unlimited number of listings and access to advanced features. Whereas the Expanding plans allow only 7 listings and charge $5 per listing per month.


  • Teammate management

A successful vacation rental business involves healthy communication with your guests as well as your team of employees. This feature will help you be connected with the 3rd parties such as cleaners and plumbers so that you can avail of their services easily.

  • Income reporting

This feature keeps you motivated and helps you to increase productivity. The Your Porter App provides you with an income report using which you evaluate your performance and work on the weaknesses.

  • Airbnb ranking booster

To increase your revenue, you need a greater number of bookings and for more bookings, you need people to notice your listing. This feature will help your listing to rise in the search results and grab the attention of a greater number of guests.

  • Guest arrival form

It is crucial to know your guests before allowing them in your property. So, this feature collects the necessary data before check-ins and keeps you well informed

  • Guest language detection

To remove the language barrier of communication this feature will detect the language with which your guest is comfortable and preferably send the reply in the same language.

  • Weekly ranking report

Mapping your achievements and downfalls are an integral part of a business. This feature helps you to keep track of your activities and work towards progress.

Unlike the other software products the Your Porter app offers the features of task automation, Auto review, payment processing, multi-calendar, unified inbox, and smart pricing integration.

Free trial

The You Porter Airbnb software allows you to avail of the services free of cost for a period of 21 days.

6. Smoobu

The Smoobu vacation rental software provides the basic features that work wonderfully. You will find all the fundamental solutions in this software. The software was created with the aim of reducing the hosts’ effort and increasing their revenue. The Smoobu software works to simplify the complex management of multiple properties.


The basics plan of Smoobu software if free of cost and offers access to restricted features. The professional plan charges € 15.20 per month for the first accommodation and each additional accommodation is € 4. This plan allows access to advanced features as well.


  • Channel manager

It links all the accounts from different channels and allows you to manage the accounts from a single platform.

  • Reservation management

By using this feature, you can view all the booking simultaneously. This allows you to conveniently send confirmations and draw up invoices. Numerous tools help you with efficient reservation management that can be accessed on all the devices.

  • Communication

The software helps you to maintain effective communication with your guests. You can use tools such as unified inbox, guest language detection, personalized booking confirmations, automated information, and guest registration form.

  • Booking system and event calendar

This feature keeps you up to date and helps you to manage and review all the bookings. It also allows the smooth process of payment.

  • Owners homepage

The features build helps you to build your homepage to list your property and transform the potential guests into a confirmed booking.

Free trial

The Smoobu Airbnb software offers a free trial to satisfy the hosts.


If you are searching for an affordable multi-functional product that even a child can figure out – Hosty Airbnb management software is your top choice. The vacation rental software is serving numerous clients to achieve their business goals and prosper. All the challenges encountered while managing multiple properties can be easily eliminated with the help of the Hosty’s Airbnb management software. 

The following are the main advantages of Hosty software:

  • Usability – user-friendly intuitive interface, native Airbnb integration and wide range of features of Hosty software help access, edit and manage the information of different properties on a single platform
  • Free Basic Package – enjoy basic set of powerful features absolutely free of charge with up to 4 properties 
  • Trial – unprecedented 60-days free trial to test the full set of powerful features 
  • Price – the most competitively priced packages on the market. Get access to the all pro-features for only $5 per active property per month
  • Terms – no annual contracts, no set-up or cancellation fees
  • Mobile App – robust and native app available on Android and iOS devices. 

If you are still in doubt then just go for the 60-days free trial now and test all the features before subscribing to one of the available packages of Hosty’s Airbnb management software.