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How To Write Airbnb House Rules?

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Absence of Airbnb house rules can be one of potential causes for property damage leading to heavy bills for repairs. Airbnb house rules ensure that your guests are aware of their boundaries and the consequences of their actions. A host needs to frame the rules nicely. The guests should neither feel restricted nor boundless. Every host should be careful while writing these rules. In order to frame effective rules, you should understand its importance first, then follow the proper steps and include all the important points.

Importance of Airbnb House Rules:

  • Airbnb house rules inform the guests how they are expected to treat the property
  • The rules keep your property safe 
  • The rules can help you minimize unnecessary repairs
  • The house rules help you inform the guests about the consequences of damages and violations of rules
  • The rules also ensure that guests are aware of the restricted and dangerous zones at the property
  • You can use the rules to ensure that guests have a safe stay at the property.
  • If you manage your property remotely then the Airbnb house rules will help as a reliable guide for the guests
  • In case of any damages, you can hold the rules as proof to support your case
  • The rules ensure that you have proper control over the maintenance and cleaning of the property
  • Knowing that your guests are aware of the basic rules of your house will help you focus on more productive tasks

Steps for writing Airbnb House rules:

  • Note down the important points

The first step in writing the Airbnb house rules is to note down the most important points that you want to share with your guests. First, think of the top 5 priority concerns. For example, it’s important to inform your guest whether you encourage smoking in your property or not. Allowing or banning a pet from the premises can be marked as a priority concern. Once the top 5 are sorted, – write down the next 5 rules.

Remember, you are not framing your rules right now. Just note down the important points as a rough draft. However, try to restrict yourself to 10-15 rules only. No guests want to read a long list of rules on their vacation. While you are noting down the points consider your target customers as well. The rules will be different for a corporate employee on business work and a family on vacation. For instance, if your property is expecting a group of travel enthusiasts then no party rule is your priority.

  • Airbnb house rules should be short

Now that all the points are in front of you, it’s time to frame the rules. The first point you have to remember is to keep it short. Each rule should be short and not consist of more than 10 words. If you want the guests to patiently read through all the rules then you have to keep them short. For example, if you want to convey the message that you do not encourage smoking, then just write “no smoking allowed”. Your message will be heard loud and clear in just 3 words. No need to provide any detailed explanation with the rules.

  • Use Simple Language

The next tip is to use simple language. Your guests are not going to judge your literary skills based on these rules. Airbnb house rules aim to inform the guests that what they are supposed to do and what they are not. It’s best to frame the rules in the simplest way possible. Don’t leave your guests confused by using any complicated literary forms. Just keep your rules short and simple. Loud messages are heard in a simple language only. 

You should use simple language keeping in mind the native speakers. Guests will be attracted to your listing when they find out that you are a considerate host and that your rules are simple. The simple language leaves no room for confusion and interpretation. This helps you and the guests to easily understand and follow the Airbnb house rules.

  • Employ Commanding tone

The third and most important point is to ensure that your tone is commanding. You are writing Airbnb house rules and not a welcome note. You can write a warm welcome note to your guests as well, but right now, it’s about the rules that should sound commanding. When the guests read your rules, they should hear your strict tone that will influence them to abide by the rules.

For injecting the commanding tone, you should mention the consequences. The rules should include a section highlighting the charges for damage and steps taken in case their action costs more than the security deposit. Rules are enforceable only when their violation causes adverse results. 

  • Keep it Friendly

This point is optional, but highly advisable. Once you have ensured that your messages are delivered in a commanding tone, it’s better to make them polite. Yes, you have to politely command your guests to adhere to the Airbnb house rules. Guests like to be treated nicely. The rules should be written in a commanding tone, but not to be arrogant. 

For adding the friendly touch to the rules just write a few lines before starting the list of rules. Set a friendly yet determined tone. Your guests should feel comfortable while reading the rules and realize the importance of adhering to them. 

  • Ensure that its Relevant

Now, when all the rules are finalized, you have to edit them. Review the list of rules as a guest. What will you feel when you read that list at your vacation rental property? Will you appreciate all the points and adhere to the rules? Or would you think that it’s too lengthy and confusing? Answer all the questions as your potential guest and then edit them to make them appropriate. Remove all the irrelevant points and correct the language. If you feel you missed out a point then add that rule. But don’t make your list very long. 

Keep asking yourself questions as a guest and keep editing until you are satisfied. Always keep in mind your rules should not repel guests. In short term rental business, your main aim is to attract a greater number of bookings. Even a single inappropriate point in your list can affect your business. 

The important points to include in the Airbnb house rules:

  • Smoking

While few guests will be considerate enough to dispose of the cigarette buts nicely, others will leave them lying around. Moreover, it will leave a bad impression for the next guests to find the property smelling like cigarettes. You have to be very careful while making this decision. “No smoking” is always an advisable rule.

  • Parking

With the increasing trend of road trips, it has become essential for vacation rentals to provide a parking space. All information relating to parking must be mentioned in the rules. Where to park? How many are allowed to park? What are the charges for extra vehicles? All questions should be answered in simple and straight rules.

  • Pets

Allowing pets will divert allergic guests to other properties. Now allowing pets will repel the guests that love to travel with their pets. It’s your choice whether you want to pay the extra cleaning bill for all the furs and chewed stuff or not. And if you allow pets remember to mention the specific rules for the pet owners.

  • Charges

The Airbnb house rules should also include the charges. Mention the bill that the guest has to pay for violating the rules or damaging the property. Also mention what happens if the damage exceeds the security deposit. 

  • Check-in / check out time

If you don’t mention beforehand that you are strict about the check-in and check-out times then the guests may take advantage. They will want to check in early or check out late. If you are fine with it then there is no problem. But if you have strict policies regarding the timing then mention it in the rules. 

  • Cleaning

Inform your guests how you expect them to dispose of the garbage. Don’t think that all the guests will be responsible enough to clean your property before leaving. Until you mention it you cannot be sure.

  • Safety regulations

If your property consists of any device that could be hazardous then inform your guests in the rules. Any room or corner in your property that can be dangerous for children should be highlighted in the rules. 

  • Rules concerning the neighborhood

You don’t want to hear complaints from your neighbors. So, it’s better to inform the guests about the rules in your neighborhood. Small but important details such as noise curfew should be mentioned in the rules.

  • Unregistered guests

Will you allow any unregistered guests or spontaneous visitors to your property or not? Your guests need to know that they have to register all the people who enter your property.

  • Illegal activities

It might seem like an obvious point, but it’s important to include a point in the Airbnb house rules. It should be highlighted that no illegal activities are allowed in or around the property.

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Besides these general rules, there are many important points to be considered by you. Mention all your strict policies in the Airbnb house rules. Keep it short, simple, commanding, friendly, and relevant. Airbnb house rules are necessary for effective property management. It’s advisable to mention the rules in the listing to inform the guests before booking. Otherwise, you can provide the rules after check-in using the automation feature of Airbnb management software

When you use management software you don’t have to send rules to every guest manually. You can use Automation Features to send the list of rules after check-in and the list will be sent automatically. You can save the rules templates for future use as well. If you manage multiple properties then you can use the management software to easily mention all the Airbnb house rules in your listing and manage the properties conveniently.

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