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Airbnb Messages – How to Create a Message Strategy

Are you a host at Airbnb? Did you desire a better booking rate and, if possible, want to get the title of Super host? You attain all these if you have the key to effective communication with guests. The way with which a host communicates with his guests and vice-versa is through Airbnb messages. 

But these messages are a lot more valuable than general ones as through them you ensure your guest’s experience at your vocational rentals, and they will let you know how good is your service and what the things they needed or were lacking are. Easy, no? But establishing quality communication is not everyone’s cup of tea; as a host, you need to have a proper communication strategy. As you can’t just sit around and reply to your guests every time, there are other problems as well. So, Airbnb has come with the concept of automotive messages to 70% of your worries. At the end of this article, you have an idea of how to use these exactly.

If you yet to optimize your messages by using various templates along with saved messages and Automation, then just read whatever is written below and learn to create them step by step.

All about chatting between Hosts and guests on Airbnb

The only available form of communication between the host providing service and guests seeking service is through the Airbnb platform. You must be wondering if there are countless platforms available, then why only communicate through the Airbnb service? The main purpose behind limiting your communication options is to protect both hosts and guests against any kind of fraud, phishing scams, etc. 

Being a host on Airbnb, you are protected under Host Guarantee, Host Protection, and other terms of service. To send messages to your guests, there is a message section available in the hosting version account and safely converse with them regarding the reservation and other queries.

Contribution Of Airbnb Saved messages to ease host’s life

Saved messages are the messages you as a host can store beforehand to reply to guests; they are messages about the most basic things about your vacation rentals which you usually inquire about. So, firstly, jot down a list of possible questions guests ask all the time and save their answers as a Saved message. There are many templates with which you can create them.

Now, how do they eat the host’s life: As a host, you have to tell your guests about the same things again and again, which eventually leads to frustration, and if you have several properties, then you are doomed for sure. It might also be possible that when you are in a hurry and typed the message convincingly, that might also lead to you losing guests. So, Saved messages save you from all these as you can save a detailed message previously and send it right away when needed.

Steps by which a host can create a saved message

  • First, log in to your host account in Airbnb.
  • To excess messages, go to your inbox. Find the message thread of the particular guest you want to like to text.
  • You will see a stacked paper icon at the lower end of the thread, which will contain your previous stored messages.
  • At the end of the opened list, you will see a message written; click on that.
  • Give the suitable title, and you can start writing the message you want to save; after finishing writing, save it by clicking ‘save.’
  • To send the saved messages, hosts have to click and choose one of the lists of titles.

What are Airbnb Automated Messages?

Done with saving answers to all the basic queries, but you still need to send them again and again whenever a guest asks, and the list of these possible answers is also long enough to find the one needed. Then the concept of Automated messages came into view, this trouble of sending saved messages is solved.

In Automated messages, a software program does the work of sending out the messages. They are sent at intervals of specific time determined by events. And in this way, Airbnb makes communication a lot easier for hosts while guests get a speedy reply and save their time too. These are best in use when the host and guests belong from places with time differences and are unable to chat nicely because of the same. 

Some basic terms you should know while setting Automated messages

Message rule: the first step towards setting automated messages is the message rule. These rules are the basis on which it is decided whether to send automated messages or not, and further details including the ideal message from the list to be sent and identification of the guest who is going to receive the message.

Events: for messages to be sent out automatically, they need to be triggered, and the parameters that trigger them are known as events. So, if an automated message is sent at a particular time, it is based on the event selected. For instance, send a check-in message which contains a reminder that guests will be checking in the next day, then a day before the check-in date is set as an event.

There are various events in which you can decide the ideal event for your automated message, like check-in, check-out, and booking confirmed, booking canceled, etc., but make sure to attach the right message with the right event.

Message tags: Have you wondered how a particular message will be transferred to all? As to establish good communication, a more personalized message will be great. Don’t worry; even with the use of automated messages, your guest will get a personalized message. This is possible through message tags. Even if the message is copy-paste, the text between double curly brackets in the original save messages will be converted into their personal information like name, time, time, etc. 

To recheck if your saved message is converted into a personalized one or not you can, you can first save the message rule and then look into the dashboard. It will show you the actual message that your guest will be receiving.

Essential Airbnb Message Templates

Airbnb allows you to rent your property located anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to be there. You just need to be sure of the services that you promise your guests while they make a booking. Despite your physical absence, you have to make your guests stay comfortable as well as remind them at every stage that you are there for them. For this, you have to send them regular messages at each step to guide them during their stay.

Following are the description of some templates that you will be needing while hosting your guests:

1. Template for Pre-booking message to guests

Send a pre-booking message to your guests when you first receive a booking request from them. It’s a way of saying hello to them and making it obvious that you’re interested in renting them. This message should further contain questions that you want to ask them regarding their stay. As it is your first time communicating with a new guest, you should show them that you are concerned about their stay. All the general information, like their duration of stay, no of members staying, their purpose of stay, some special requirement, etc. should be asked in this which will further help you to determine the total cost.

You can even customize a separate pre-booking template message for guests you have hosted before, this will show how good you are and remember, and they will even approach you in the future also.

2. Template message used after Booking confirmation

The next message that you would be sent to your guest is after he had confirmed his booking in one of your vacation rentals. This message should contain thanking him for choosing your service and expressing that you are looking forward to hosting them. Further instruct them that you will send them a proper set of instructions soon and also assure them about your service. You have to make it clear that you will be there to deal with all their problems and ask them to contact you to add something if they want.

3. Template message used for providing booking memo

Now, it’s time to prepare your guest mentally for his future stay at your property. Your instruction should first remind him of the day he will be checking in, which will be followed by the details he will be needed to check in like the passcode of your property, WiFi-Code, proper address with some landmarks, and do not forget to add the proper location of the smart lock in front of your property. Based on your previous conversation with your guests, you can provide them with the list of places to go, names of good restaurants, contacts of cab service, contact of tourist guides, etc., what you think is necessary. You can also make your Home rule book and provide it to your guest to follow, but make sure that rules should not kill their mood.

Add whatever you think can make your guest check-in most comfortable in a new place. While most hosts prefer sending these messages a day before the check-in event if you want, you can do it a little soon also. 

4. Template message for Check-in confirmation

Check-in confirmation messages are case sensitive message as too many messages might disturb your guests, but if you don’t hear any update on their check-in, if they had difficulty in check-in and you have provided a solution, etc.; then you can send a quick-polite message to make sure that they are comfortable. Always remember to end your messages by asking them about any other thing they need.

5. Template message for Check-up during the stay

Another case-sensitive type of message

In this one, you will ask about their experience while staying in your vacation rentals. You can send a Check-up message if you haven’t sent a check-in confirmation; if the guests are staying for a long time, then send a quick check-in is also qualified as professional behavior. Make sure not to send check-ups frequently, which might lead your guests to think that you are disturbing them. But a check-up in between is essential even if you get no response, and it is your duty to ask.

6. Template message for check-out

One day or two before the ending term of your guests, say you have to send them a Check-out message. It would be reminding them to check out as well as asking them for any last-minute requirements like arranging rides to the airport, etc. Check-out messages should be written carefully; they should be free from the tone urging them to vacate your rental property. It should be a polite reminder that their vacation is coming to an end. Check-out messages will play a big hand in affecting your reviews.

To make it more welcoming, you can end it with the fact of asking them about any particular place (like your favorite one) if they have been there or not. If not, you can suggest that they spend their last day there. This is a way to show your bright side.

7. Template message for Post-checkout message (asking for a review)

Now, it’s time for the showstopper- message to ask for Airbnb reviews. You can start your Post-checkout message by confirming that they have reached their next destination safely, followed by any suggestion based on their experience, and at the end, ask for the reviews. You can even compliment them by leaving great guest reviews and asking for them for yours, ask them if possible to grace you with a 5-star review, and do not forget to ask them to choose you next time also.

8. Template message for confirming the cancellation

While other hosts do not pay much heed to the guests who cancel reservations, you can send cancellation confirmation messages to them. In that, you can mention that if this time you will not be able to serve them, they are most welcome in the future to book services. But messages will only be suitable if you are a host with flexible cancellation rules. 

9. Template message to ask if they had applied for cancellation and remind them about your cancellation policies

Another way to show your genuine nature is that when you get a cancellation request, you can send a cancellation confirmation message. It should be a message asking for confirmation, asking possible reasons behind the cancellation, but it should be optional only if comfortable to reply. You can end it by reminding them of your cancellation policies.

While many sites give you samples for templates, you should write your original one. As a guest may have conversed with other guests as well, similar messages from other websites leave a bad impression, while original messages should be your true self and will be helpful for your business in the long run. The above descriptions will help to write original messages.

Tips to Polish your Airbnb Messages

Belonging from another profession, every host will not be able to write outstanding templates. But to become a super host, you have to put in some extra effort for sure. Below are some tips to remember while your side writes your saved messages.

1. Write your messages in Active voice

Did you want to make your messages sound so good that your guests started imagining themselves in the location that you have described? Then you should try and write your whole message in an active voice, as active sounds rather welcoming while messages in passive voice sound rather blunt. So, remember to use active voice as much as possible in your Airbnb messages.

2. Reply in messages filled with a positive tone

Sometimes despite having good intentions, some words sound so rude, and that is where they hurt people. It can also happen with you while hosting through Airbnb, no matter how much you try to explain text is text; that is why you should always use a positive approach while writing them.

You will be at its most risk while explaining your home rules; to avoid it, you can read it once again some other time before sending them. Always keep in mind; although it’s your property, they are paying you to enjoy their too strict rules that may affect your review.

3. Always maintain your professionalism

The ship of communication doesn’t always sail smoothly, different people will have different attitudes, and that will justify their different reactions. It might sometimes happen that hosts come across some extremely rude guests, either they were rude from the start or behave because they were unsatisfied because of your service. At that time, you have to stick to your professional self. If you lose control and get to his level then, it might be a negative impression of your image as a host. So, if something unbearable happens, you can report him on Airbnb; there is no need to argue with him.

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4. Show your true nature while being sincere in your work

While messaging your guests, there is no need to pretend. You can show them your true nature as if you pretend to be graceful in one message and too blunt in another, it will paint your image as a hypocrite in front of your guest. If you want to show them something, then your true self and put some extra effort into being responsible like try to respond to them quickly, come up with the best possible solution to their problems, etc. the free you will be with your guests, the easier they will feel will be conversing.

5. Maintain the grammar and spelling quality of your messages

You might not be a perfectionist in grammar and stuff, which leads to mistakes in your texts. This might be considered unprofessional behavior by guests, and they will give you a bad review. There are many online options like Grammarly, Prowritingaid, Readable, etc., which can help you in writing professional messages. So, before sending any message, if you once recheck their quality through these places, it would land a good impression.

6. Hire a writer if you can’t

As there are many people whose English is not that good, they might be able to communicate and read messages, but their messages are not that up to date. You might be trying and not satisfactory to finish your template messages, but you can still have good templates for vacation rentals ready. You can hire some creative writer and him for the same. By this, you will get good original written template messages which can be used again and again. At the same time, you can manage the basic conversation by yourself.

A helping hand in handling a large number of vacation rentals on Airbnb: A vacation rental software

All these saved messages and Automation will become a burden for a host having a huge number of vacation rental properties. In this case, Vacation rental software is the thing that will sort things out. It is a cloud-based program, which will automatically manage reservations, payments, effective communication arrangements, and other related things on platforms like Airbnb. In this way, a host can manage a big vacation rental business swiftly by only monitoring business growth and payouts. There is much such software available like Hosty, doctorate, clouds, etc. 


So, saved messages and Automation is great to help to host. It not only saves their labor but also helps them to provide quality service to guests by being on time. Now being free from checking your messages now and then, a host can focus on other things like making services at his vacation rental business better. He can even utilize his time on focusing on the various reviews from all the guests, and he might come up with something innovative. While working on the quality of messages will strengthen his rental vacation business in areas of communication, elevation, and reviews, and more guests.