Airbnb nightmare scenarios

Save Yourself From These Airbnb Nightmare Scenarios

No host wants to witness the Airbnb nightmare scenarios. They could lead to damages, losses, and even legal actions. Let’s discover what are the most common nightmares and then find the solutions to save you from such situations.

The 7 Common Airbnb Nightmare Scenarios

1. When The Guest Doesn’t Match The Profile Photo

Catfishing is a very dangerous scenario. If the person who is staying at your property does not match the profile picture of the person who booked your property, then there is a serious issue. You don’t know his identity and it’s not good news. Such scenarios can involve illegal aspects and later you might land in trouble. The person who checked – in should be the person who booked your property. If you find out that a fake image was used in the profile, then you have to act quickly.

2. When The Guest Arrives Intoxicated

First of all, you are allowing strangers to stay at your property. On top of that, you notice that the guest is drunk and is not behaving rationally. This will scare you to the core. You can not trust your property in the hands of an irresponsible person who is not under control. This could be problematic because the person could create a scene in the neighborhood. Even worse, such guests might physically harm someone.

3. When A Storm Is On Its Way

Ignoring a storm forecast could lead to one of the worst Airbnb nightmare scenarios. A tornado holds the power of damaging your property, your guest, and their belongings. Any damage to the guests and their belongings due to your ignorance will cause you trouble. Airbnb believes in offering a safe and comfortable stay. So, if your guests are at your property injured and have lost their belongings then it will be a nightmare came true.

4. When Guest’s Cancel On Short Notice

Some people might think it’s fun to just book the listing in advance for high-demand seasons and then just cancel because there could plan a trip after all. For an Airbnb host, this is a nightmare. High demand season is your chance to increase your revenue. You expect to get more bookings and better results. However, due to such tourists, your plans are shattered because they canceled at the last moment.

Such tourists often book for a longer period because they are not sure about their plans, so it causes more damage. This means even during high season demand your property might not be booked for the most part.

5. When There Is A Party

The guests will appear innocent and they will book for one night or a weekend telling a genuine reason such as an escape weekend by themselves. The next morning when you arrive at the property or ask your cleaning service to visit you will find a mess. The mess was created due to the party last night. Your valuables will be no more valuable, and it will be difficult to find the floor under the chaos. Your properly maintained property will be ripped because some guests decided to party. This will be both heartbreaking and pocket emptying.

6. When You Are Looted

The con artists know how to enter as innocent guests and then leave with all your valuables as complimentary gifts. You will trust people thinking that it’s good for your business but at the end of the day you will face losses. You might also face such a scenario where the guest appears perfectly fine but after check-out, you discover that you have been looted.  

7. When The Guest Makes False Claims

This is the most disturbing one. Every host prays to never face such a nightmare. In such a scenario, the guest check-out happily and will be polite to you. After a few days, you will receive a notification about a false claim. The guests will make claims such as there were bugs all over your property and they want a refund for the unsatisfactory experience. If you don’t produce enough evidence, you will lose the case and will have to refund the guests. So, they used your services but also got a refund because of a false claim.

The Solutions To The Airbnb Nightmare Scenarios

Screen The Guests

Rejecting the bookings of suspicious guests is the best option to save yourself from undesirable situations. You can not blindly trust a stranger without any screening. It is best to check the details, read the reviews, make a few calls, and then confirm the booking.

If you thoroughly check the profile of the guests, you will realize whether the profile picture is real or fake. When you read the reviews, you will know that the guests might party at your property or they might arrive intoxicated. The previous host experience will help you a lot in screening the guests. Also, try to interpret the behavior of the guests due to the interactions. If you feel someone is uncertain and confused, then advise them to book for a short period so that last moment cancellation doesn’t cause a huge loss.

Almost all the nightmares are related to dishonest guests who cause problems so it’s best to screen your guests before confirming a booking.

Inform Airbnb

The reflex action to the Airbnb nightmare scenarios should be to inform Airbnb. If a person arrives drunk, then call Airbnb to explain your situation, and cancel immediately. If the storm has destroyed everything then contact Airbnb and ask them to provide alternate accommodations to the guest. If some unknown person tries to check-in then call Airbnb, complain about catfishing, and cancel. You are answerable to Airbnb if anything goes wrong. So, it’s the best option to keep them informed and take prompt actions.

Safety Before Profit

Keep your safety and your guest’s safety above all things. If there is a storm forecast explain the situation and cancel the booking as soon as possible. If an intoxicated person is at your door call the police and save yourself. If you are informed of a party on your property, then go to the party with the police and save your property. Also, ensure that the expensive items such as furniture are covered under insurance.

Strict Cancellation Policy

Tell your guests beforehand only that you have a strict cancellation policy and if they will cancel at the last moment then you will not be able to refund the booking charges. This is the only way to save yourself from the uncertain tourists who will cancel and leave you hanging.

House Rules

Strict and specific home rules are important to protect yourself from such nightmares. Inform your guest in advance that no partying is allowed and there is a fine for any kind of damage. Set house rules and execute them to save your property.

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Regular Cleaning And Pest Control

To prevent yourself from false claims keep your property tip-top. Leave no scope for complaint so that the guests won’t be able to make any imaginary infestation complaint. Keep the pest control certificate with you. Click images of the clean house before the arrival of guests so that you can produce evidence if they make false claims and ask for a refund.

Remember if at anytime matter goes out of hand just contact the police. If you are aware and careful then you will be able to prevent and handle Airbnb nightmare scenarios smoothly. Keep the solutions in mind and always be ready.

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