Airbnb Listing Optimization Vancouver

How To Start Your Airbnb Listing Optimization?

Everything that exists on the internet has to be optimized. Optimization for online content is like advertising for the Pepsi, your content needs to be fresh, unique and aimed at the correct audience if you hope to acquire new potential customers.. You should adopt this strategy when it comes to your Airbnb listing. Airbnb listing optimization is a way of pleasing your potential clients, as well as helping to improve the possibility of new ones checking out your listing. There are many requirements that come with optimizing your listing and that can range from inserting special keywords in your Airbnb title and description to formatting your whole listing in an orderly and impeccable manner. Everything counts and we’re going to let you know all the important things today:

Airbnb SEO – The First Step to Success 

Communication has to be – to this day – the most important part of every business. If you wish to rank highest on all search results, you have to improve your success rate. You will never have a shot at displaying on the first page if your customer service is awful and you don’t communicate with your guests. Make sure you respond to your customer’s questions and requests on time. 

Stop Declining Bookings 

The easiest way to plummet your rankings is to cancel your bookings often, you need to manage listings Airbnb professionally. You can always cancel the bookings of those guests that are difficult to host and house, but do remember that this is a business you are running. There will occasionally have to be some hitches in the road, so make sure you cancel the occasional grumpy guest, but remember sometimes you have to house a few of them.  

Airbnb Listing Optimization – Your Pricing

Another tremendous factor that plays an even larger role in your Airbnb search optimization process, ‘PRICING’. Pricing your rental is a delicate chore. You should be smart about it and not greedy, calculative but not stingy. Give your rental the price it deserves but don’t overdo it. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to pay for the services you are offering. According to the number of bedrooms, available amenities and geographical location of your rental you can promote Airbnb listing with a smart price. 

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First Impressions for Airbnb SEO

The first two things your guests will be looking at when your listing comes up is the title and images provided. So, input all your effort into making those two the best thing they will see in their search. Use real, well-lit and appealing images to catch the eye of your potential clients. The first impression your guests receive of your listing will improve your Airbnb listing optimization.

Your title, on the other hand, should be catchy, brief and descriptive, unless you are aiming to use long word SEO tactics to rank. Highlight your best amenities in your title with easy to understand yet non-mainstream words. You want something that lingers around the mind of your customers so they can take the next step towards booking, or at least, add your property to their wish list. Either way, both of these actions promote your Airbnb listing and will play massively in your favor. 

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