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How To Write Airbnb Property Description?

Airbnb property description plays a major role in deciding whether the potential guest will book your property or not. The property description is your product display shelf. You have to showcase your property in this section and sell it to potential guests. If you offer them an attractive property description, then the chances of booking your property are higher.

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Poorly framed Airbnb property description can result in a lesser number of inquiries and thus, lesser number o bookings. If people are not be attracted to the description, then they are not going to inquire. You have to convince your potential guests that you have everything that they want.

The potential guests will just scroll down the options and come across your listing. If they are not attracted to the description, they won’t even click on your listing. Your aim is to grab the guest’s attention and persuade them to book your property. It is not easy to appeal to the potential guest amongst the ocean of listing. However, if you follow proven techniques for writing Airbnb property description then you can stand out from the crowd and easily persuade the guests.

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Tips For Writing Airbnb Property Description

1. Write Honestly

The first technique that will always help you as an Airbnb host is honesty. You should know that people have tried to lie in their Airbnb property description but in the end, they had to give a full refund to the guests. Lying and exaggeration are never an option while writing an Airbnb property description. You have to stay realistic all the time. You have to attract the guests while telling them the truth in the most creative manner.

2. Spend Long Hours On Short Titles

Hosts usually ignore the importance of Airbnb’s title. They don’t understand that this title will only make your potential guest click on your listing. This title is the first impression of your property. Everybody knows the first impression is the last impression so you will have to spend some time coming up with a catchy and convincing first impression.

Quality titles can lead to quality inquires while any random title could be ignored by the guests. Imagine that you have to sell your property by using just 6 words. How will you frame this sentence? In the same way, you will have to frame your title.

Include everything important and relevant to guests. If you have a 3 BHK sunset view beach house, then don’t just write beach house as a title. Tell the guests your USP in the title itself. Tell them about the best part of your property and convince them to click the listing.

3. Mention Everything That Will Appeal To You As A Guest

You have to understand that there are more than 7 million listings on Airbnb. You cannot offer the same old properties like everyone else and expect to attract customers. Offer something more than the others and mention it creatively in the Airbnb product description. Even the smallest detail about your property can become the extra service you are offering. For example, automated toilet seats can be a real guest catcher. Just don’t forget to mention it in the description.

Write down all the important details about your property and filter them based on your preferences. Think like a guest and write only those details which will interest you. You are writing the description for the guest so you will have to think like one.   

4. Don’t Miss Out On The Neighborhood

The potential guests will book your property only when they will come to your area. What if they are planning to go to some other neighborhoods? How to create conversion in such cases? Well, it’s simple to sell them the neighborhood along with your property. Mention your favorite spots to visit. Tell them about the events in the area. Decorate your neighborhood with words and convince the guests to book the tickets and your property immediately.

If used properly your neighborhood could become your competitive advantage. You will achieve what no one else have. Guests will get what no one else can offer. So, describe your neighborhood so beautifully that the guest is compelled to come and visit.  

5. Set The Rules In The Starting

You are allowing a stranger on your property so you might have some set rules. Airbnb house rules tell the guests your expectations and their limitations. Many hosts prefer giving the house rules after check-in but this can create a lot of confusion and friction. It is advisable to always mention the Hose rules in the Airbnb property description.

Firstly, you will inform the guests about the restrictions in advance itself, so will not resist the rules afterward. Secondly, including house rules will portray you as a responsible host. The potential guests will know that your previous guest also followed the same rules and thus your property is safe for their stay. House Rules in the description will initiate a smooth and polite relationship between you and the guests and it will ensure the safety of your property. House rules can include the parking rules, the number of additional guests allowed pet policy, etc.

6. List The Amenities

The potential guests decide on the property partly based on the amenities they will be given. If you omit the amenities from the description then they might omit your listing from their potential place to stay list. In the Airbnb product description, you tell the guests about what you are offering to them. How you will make their stay comfortable and interesting? So, including Airbnb amenities become necessary.  From the swimming pool to the chocolate you will keep in the fridge you can include everything.

7. Advertise The Host As Well

The guest will come to your property. Where you will host the guest and take care of everything. You are the person the host will rely on. You are the person the guest will try to trust. So, you have to gain their trust in the starting itself. Sell yourself in the description as well. Tell what services you will provide them personally. For example, you can become their tour guide and help them explore the area.

8. Inform Them About Extra Cost And Discounts

Do not surprise your guest with an additional cost. Guests do not appreciate hidden costs anyway. If they are not informed about the extra cost, prior to the booking then it could create a problem for you. From losing the booking to bad reviews anything can happen.

To save yourself from such an unfortunate event just mention the extra cost in the listing. Specifically, tell the guest what and why are you charging them extra. Also don’t forget to mention the discounts, if any. Discounts can work as a guest magnet. Sales promotion is an effective marketing tool. You can benefit from it by including it in the description.In conclusion, you have to sell your property, neighborhood, and yourself. You have to tell them all in a not so long description. Choose your words wisely and edit the Airbnb property description critically. Only inform what they need to know don’t go overboard.

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