Airbnb bathroom essentials

Nine Airbnb Bathroom Essentials: A Trick Sheet for Airbnb Hosts

We all have stayed at hotels or vacation rentals at some point. A well-arranged bathroom with all essentials has always managed to impress us and make the stay comfortable. Airbnb guests also love to experience the feel of a hotel bathroom when booking a vacation rental. It is the host’s responsibility to include all essentials that guests expect to see in the rental house bathrooms.   

When your bathroom is equipped with all essentials, guests will notice the effort you have taken to make their stay comfortable. The reviews on your property will be positive when guests are impressed with the place they booked. Your chances of getting new guests will also improve.   

There are a variety of things to choose from which should go into the bathroom. However, you have to take care not to crowd the space with too many things. In this article, we talk about the top 9 items that are necessary for a bathroom. These things will be useful to every guest that comes to your Airbnb rental.

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1. Towels and mats

Rentals are mostly booked by families, which means there should be towels for each one of your guests. Sharing towels might not be the most hygienic thing to do. Towels for different uses are a necessity in every bathroom, especially when on a vacation. Start with the hand towels next to the bathroom sink.   

All towels, big or small, should be completely clean and sanitized. Having a soiled towel can have a very bad impression on the guests. If the property has a swimming pool, massage parlor, or gymnasium, guests will need some extra towels. Beachside vacation rentals should also provide extra towels in the bathrooms. In the absence of regular services of laundry, while your renters are visiting the property, make it a point to provide them with enough clean towels for all the days they stay there. Also, provide a designated space to put the used or dirty towels in.   

Mats and floor sheets are appreciated as they maintain the bathroom floor tidy and dry. It further prevents having a slippery bathroom. Put a mat next to the shower stall and directly next to the bathroom doorway so that guests can have their feet dried before stepping inside the room. Make certain to have the rugs and towels laundered after one set of guests depart.   

2. Shelves and hooks

Putting up hooks and shelves inside the bathroom is basic. Hooks are extremely useful to hang the robes, clothes, or towels. The most suitable place to put the hooks in the back of the doors. If there is a separate shower stall, then attach few hooks on the wall next to it so that guests can keep their towels within reach.   

Shelves inside a bathroom is the easiest way to keep it neat and orderly. The toiletries you give or some bathroom essentials that the guests carried should have a proper place inside the bathroom. Without shelves, the items of daily use will have to adjust in different places all over the bathroom. It causes inconvenience. Therefore, providing shelves helps to assign a specific spot for storing all things needed.   

3. Toiletries

They are the most important items in a bathroom. Some guests may carry their own toiletries, while some may expect a fresh set in the bathroom. As a good host, you are supposed to take care of both types of guests. So, it is always a safe idea to provide enough toiletries in the bathroom for the guests to use. The size of these toiletries should be big enough for all the guests to use. Otherwise, you can provide a smaller size of all items for each individual in a family.   

The basic items to include in toiletries are soap bars, handwashes, shampoo bottles or pouches, conditioners, and toilet papers. For better service, you can add in body washes, moisturizers, combs, a one-time toothbrush, and toothpaste. Some luxurious places have makeup items, perfumes, disposable razors, and other such extra items as well. Nowadays, placing few bottles of hand sanitizers can also be a good idea given the ongoing pandemic situation. It will show that you care for the health and hygiene of a host.   

4. Trash cans

Bathrooms equipped with properly sized trash cans are a necessity. Guests would not prefer having to carry some waste from inside the bathroom to a trash can inside some room. Also, having a trash can inside the bathroom means less littering. Used shampoo pouches, soap covers, shower caps, sanitary napkins, toilet paper are some common wastes generated inside a bathroom. With a trash can inside, one can easily toss in the waste inside the can instead of keeping it around the sink or floor.   

You will be hosting a variety of guests with different habits. Some guests might try to flush down waste in the toilet when there is no trash can. Such things often lead to major plumbing issues that can be expensive. Therefore, provide them with a proper dustbin for throwing the waste. Another thing to keep in mind is that all trash cans have a tight lid. The last thing you need is waste spilling out and producing a foul smell inside the bathroom. Put in a garbage bag inside the bin so that the trash can be taken out daily instead of washing the whole bin.   

5. Mirrors

Every bathroom should have a mirror. These are a basic need of every person whether in hotel or home. Make sure to have at least one wall mirror inside the bathroom. Place it over the sink or near the shower stall. If you have enough budget a full-size wall mirror will make the bathroom look great for the guests.   

6. Dryers

Many guests expect to have a hairdryer in their vacation rentals. It is a bathroom essential and every host must include one in the bathroom. A wall-hanging hair dryer near the mirror can help your guests have a quick dry after showering inside the bathroom. If your property has more than one bathroom, you can include one in each or just a single dryer in the main bathroom.   

7. Hot water

All vacation rentals, whether in hot or cold locations, should have a constant hot water supply in the bathrooms. Guests always look for hot water in the bathrooms when booking a place. Hot showers are preferred in the early mornings or late at night. So, it is always better to have a water heater that can be turned on whenever the guests need hot water from the shower.  

8. Air freshener

Bathrooms should not only look good but also smell fresh and nice. Sprays, scents, essential oils are some fresh air fresheners. A fresh-smelling bathroom is welcoming and can have a good impression on the guests. It can also be a bonus for couples who come on a romantic vacation.  

9. A kit for first-aid

Safety is always important, more so when on vacation. Your guests can have small medical emergencies and expect to have some sort of first-aid kit handy. So, put a first aid kit inside the bathroom closet to be on the safer side. 

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