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Why And How To Create An Airbnb Welcome Book?

Airbnb welcome book is the perfect welcome gift for your guests that will benefit you as well. It is a detailed book that will guide your guests during their stay. Information ranging from house rules to the things to enjoy in the neighborhood all are included in the welcome book.

Airbnb welcome book is like the user manual of your property and area for ensuring careful handling and maximum customer satisfaction. It helps the guests to understand the local area better and make the best out of their stay. The welcome book will elaborately inform your guests about the property and the region. They can easily benefit from this welcome guide, but the question is what will you get after using time, money, and effort into an Airbnb welcome book?

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Advantages Of An Airbnb Welcome Book

1. Remotely Manage Your Business

It’s not always possible for you to be physically present for hosting your guests. Maybe you are on your own vacation or you are managing multiple properties on multiple platforms. In such situations, Airbnb welcome book helps to effectively manage your property from miles away.

When the guests arrive at your property they expect you to inform them about all the important details relevant to their stay. By using an Airbnb welcome book you remotely provide them all the necessary information. It is perfect way to welcome your guests remotely. Just remember that you can include all the details in the Welcome Book that you would have provided if you were there.

2. One Book Will Save You Numerous Messages and Calls

If you do not use Airbnb Welcome Book to inform and instruct your guest then you might end up getting calls at midnight. You know how your property functions, but your guests don’t. You know the details about the neighborhood but your guests don’t. They are probably new to the region and don’t know much about your property.

When you inform them through a welcome book at the starting of the stay itself, you save yourself from getting numerous messages and calls. If guests know how your thermostat work then they won’t call every now and then complaining about the device. If they know the contact details of the local cab companies then they won’t disturb you early in the morning. The more informed they are the fewer inquiries you receive.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Airbnb Welcome book contributes to customer satisfaction as well. As the guests enter your property and find the Welcome book they will be instantly impressed by your gesture. They would know that you care about them and you aim to make their stay a pleasant experience.

Furthermore, the information provided in the book will help the guests to improve their plans and thus their stay. Having a guide with them will help them to adjust easily and enjoy your property.  

4. Good Reviews

From high customer satisfaction come good reviews. Airbnb takes reviews very seriously. To improve your presence on Airbnb you must have strong reviews.

 An Airbnb welcome book is the guide for a comfortable stay in your property. The welcome book not only informs the guests about the local area, but also instructs them about the property. If you thoroughly inform your guest about all the complications involved then the stay will be easy for them and reviews will be good for you.

5. Property Care

 Airbnb welcome book also includes instructions regarding your property. If you inform your guests what you expect from them then they tend to keep your property the way you expected i.e. safe and clean. You can inform them about the charges for any kind of damages, so they stay careful.

Format of an Airbnb welcome book

Airbnb welcome book is a comprehensive guide but it should not include any irrelevant information. The purpose is to welcome and inform your guests. Some guests will not even bother to read the book if it is not organized properly. The format of your welcome book is important for grabbing their attention and informing them effectively.

The book could have a few decorative elements to add value. But the most important thing is that all the information should be arranged according to the guests’ journey and needs. For example, as they check-in, they should know the emergency contact details so this information should be placed on the first page. Then the instructions regarding the property will help them to settle quickly and next, the details about moving around the local areas will help them to travel easily.

Essentials For An Airbnb Welcome Book

Informative welcome page

The front page is crucial. You should write a heart-warming welcome message on the front page accompanied by all the necessary details such as emergency contacts and parking instructions. The note will help you make a strong first impression while the information will ensure their safety.

A reminder about the house rules

You might have informed them about the house rules earlier but don’t forget to remind them again through the welcome book. It is always better to mention all the house rules in the welcome book so the guests can access them according to their convenience. It is a reminder and an accessible copy for them. House rules are the basic rules you set for your property to prevent any kind of damage.

Instructions and warnings

We are living in digital age so you probably you have numerous appliances installed at your property. You know how they work but a stranger who just arrived at your house needs to get a proper set of instructions to make the washer and dryer work. Similarly, you should also warn them about any kind of issues or non-working appliances in your property. You need to protect your guests as well.  

Transportation facilities

From maps to public transport schedule you ought to mention every detail in the welcome book. You have to help your guest to get around the region and enjoy their stay. You don’t want your guest to travel in an overpriced cab ride and then give you a bad review based on their bad experience. You can also provide private taxi service contact details to offer them a nice experience.

Personal experiences – Local area guide

You know your region and stories from your personal experience will increase your credibility. Guests tend to trust the hosts and plan their trips according to the suggestions. If you inform them about your personal favorites in the area, then they will feel connected and probably end up giving up good reviews. You treat them with the warmth they will treat you with reviews.

Airbnb welcome book is a magic device that is beneficial for both the guests and the hosts. It may demand investment, but the returns are worthy. Remember to place your Airbnb welcome book at the most visible spot of your property. If you manage multiple properties then you have to prepare a different welcome book for each property. 

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