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Secrets of Effective Multiple Accounts Management on Airbnb

The sharing economy is thriving, and there is a surge in the popularity of short-term rentals too. It is of little wonder that entrepreneurs, who have started their vacation rental venture having a single accommodation unit, are now experiencing a need to expand their business and add more properties to their portfolios.

And that is where the big problem lies.

While it is OK to run plural short-term rentals or even own a rental management company, having duplicate profiles on popular travel booking marketplaces like Airbnb is generally forbidden. If you advertise your vacation home on Airbnb, a serious thorn in your side may be an inability to build many accounts for each of your rental abodes.

Nevertheless, if getting more than one admin account on Airbnb can help in fulfilling your business goals, it is perfectly possible to avoid the limitations of Airbnb and set up as many accounts as you need. In this blog post, we will reveal the secrets of how to establish multiple homeowner accounts on Airbnb and handle them all with ease.

Are Hosts Allowed To Have Several Airbnb Accounts?

The main reason that motivates owners to open a bunch of Airbnb accounts is the desire to reach a wider audience and appeal to different client demographics.

As a manager of numerous short-stay homes or an owner of an extensive holiday rental portfolio, you may be tempted to get an Airbnb profile for each property. Still, you want to do so with caution. The thing is, when you log into your numerous Airbnb accounts without alternating the current IP address, this platform will recognize such operations and block all your homeowner profiles.

Airbnb thinks, when a user is hopping between profiles utilizing the unvarying IP or the identical contact data, they are acting against the rules employed by the platform so that they immediately get banned on the website.

Still, it doesn’t mean that you can never have an array of host accounts on Airbnb. Launching different accounts may be indispensable if, for instance, you have a diverse suite of rentals to reach different guest demographics. In this eventuality, one Airbnb account may not be enough for operating your rental business efficiently.

But if you fabricate numerous Airbnb profiles for a single rental property only to increase your visibility on Airbnb SERPs (search engine result pages), the platform will view it as a deceptive practice and play a dirty trick on you by blocking all your accounts. If you wish to increase your rental’s exposure, you may consider publicizing it on different travel booking marketplaces like Airbnb, Vrbo, or TripAdvisor. To enhance your reach, you can also promote your listing through popular social such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and so on.

Can You Run Various Airbnb Accounts?

Just some years ago, Airbnb was restricting homeowners from opening several host accounts. But today, this policy is over, and the site allows hospitality providers to establish several host accounts. Still, be certain each account has unique login credentials (an email address and a telephone number).

It is possible to use the same phone number for different Airbnb profiles. For it, you only need to open a new account and then link your telephone number to the newly created account.

Downsides of Running Multiple Airbnb Accounts

While creating a handful of accounts on Airbnb can contribute to achieving your business objectives, the actual management of many host profiles is not all sunshine and rainbows.

You should prepare yourself to respond to people’s inquiries and comments ASAP and also not forget to regularly perform activities on each of your accounts to keep them alive.

The risk of confusion is also one of the challenges of operating diverse Airbnb admin accounts as you have to keep track of developments across all of them.

Here are some of the notorious problems every Airbnb host with many accounts will encounter on a daily basis.

  • Finding plenty of time to orchestrate various accounts. Another headache associated with managing several Airbnb accounts is a serious time waste on logging in and out of them. If you need to review booking information or read new messages, you will have to think back which profile you are currently using. Along with keeping in mind where you have left off in every chat, you will also have to memorize all passwords and login details for every account. The process of juggling between all admin accounts can translate into confusion and obfuscate either you or your potential clients.
  • Keeping up with guest conversations. Interacting with prospects and clients can grab a significant part of your working hours. However, you must never leave clients’ inquiries unattended, but try to reply to their questions within 24 hours or even quicker. Airbnb continuously monitors your response quickness and the frequency of your replies. A failure to answer travelers’ questions can badly affect your rankings in Airbnb SERPs, so that you may end up with fewer views, and, consequently, less revenue.
  • Prompt calendar updates and the prevention of double reservations. A homeowner with multiple profiles should be focused on keeping their availability calendars perfectly synchronized across all profiles and all marketing channels (if you advertise on different rental booking websites). If your vacation rental is reserved on one account, you should be quick enough to sign in your other accounts to lock the corresponding dates to avoid double or even triple bookings. You will need to do the same thing and unlock the appropriate dates if a traveler cancels a reservation, so you will not lose earning opportunities.
  • Updating them all. Photographs, listing descriptions, nightly rates, special offerings – all this stuff must be updated adequately and timely across all your active accounts. And this is where many hosts drop the ball. Airbnb multi-account management requires significant time and effort commitments to keep listings updated and attractive to potential customers. If you have completed some home improvements or equipped your rental property with a new amenity, this information should be included into all your accounts throughout all your sales channels.

Since regular price adjustments based on fluctuations in the market situation and seasonality are critical to increasing your revenue, you will also have to promptly access various accounts and listings to modify nightly rates. Fortunately, this procedure can be performed effortlessly if you embrace Airbnb management software with a dynamic price feature for your short-stay rental business.

Benefits of Multiple Airbnb Accounts

Although the Airbnb network will usually ban accounts that employ the same IP or identical login details, there are some scenarios when a single host account cannot fully satisfy your business needs.

  1. If you perform as a property management company, building numerous Airbnb accounts can be unavoidable to let your employees better supervise separate vacation rentals.
  2. You act both as a traveler and a host. In this scenario, you can safely create two Airbnb accounts using the same IP or contact details and never get prohibited.
  3. If a host/property manager has rental units in different areas, obtaining a number of Airbnb accounts can be of great help. Or, suppose, all your vacation rentals exist in the same location, but each of them comes with a unique set of features (for instance, you have a bungalow near the sea coast and a cozy apartment in downtown, both found in one destination). On this occasion, it will be a smart choice to create an individual account for every rental home to showcase its distinctiveness. 

Under other circumstances, it may be in your best interests to create a slew of listings under a single account. To cite one example, let’s imagine, you have a spare room and a non-used attic in your house, and you wish to lease out these areas to travelers. You can establish a separate listing page for the room and for the attic, so each listing has its own booking calendar, a specific description, unique photos, a particular set of amenities, its own nightly rate, etc.

Can An Airbnb Account Be Deleted?

There are two paths to follow if you are bent on deleting your account on Airbnb.

The first one is the deactivation of your account for a while. Under this option, you still can reactivate your disabled account again without losing any vital information related to it (including your guest reviews and rating).

Upon the second scenario, if you perpetually close your user account, all your personal info will be forever deleted (except for certain bits of information that are legally demanded or allowed to retain, according to Airbnb privacy policy). The permanently deleted account is impossible to be reactivated, and you are not permitted to restore access to it or recover any content related to it. If someday you wish to become an Airbnb host again, you will need to open an account anew.

Secrets of Efficacious Airbnb Multiple Accounts Management

Airbnb multiple listings

Hosts even with a single short-stay rental property can get easily overwhelmed with duties, but the scope of responsibilities multiplies dramatically when you are handling multitudinous accounts. If you discover that your inbox is losing the battle, you can hire a rental management agency to operate on your behalf and tackle all Airbnb tasks while you sit back and relax. Well-established Airbnb management companies know all the ins and outs of administrating multiple Airbnb accounts and averting their banning.

If you find it hard to detect a reliable property management company to operate your Airbnb rentals and numerous accounts, the safest route to follow is to opt for special Airbnb management software that will automate routine Airbnb procedures, including multi-account management.

By implementing holiday rental management software such as Hosty to your Airbnb business, you get enabled to reply to prospects’ queries right away thanks to guest communication automation. But the best thing about modern Airbnb management solutions is that they are loaded with an array of advanced features to make your Airbnb enterprise thrive.

Some common functionalities of vacation rental management tools include:

  • Auto-pricing – this feature automatically adjusts your nightly rates across all accounts and sales channels according to the market situation.
  • Multi accounts & multi listings management – it helps you administrate all your admin profiles and vacation properties from a single dashboard.
  • Reporting – this feature can generate actionable reports and provide detailed statistics on the performance of your rental portfolio.
  • Booking management allows for reviewing and editing confirmed reservations across all accounts and platforms.
  • The centralized inbox consolidates your client communication histories across heterogeneous accounts and platforms to ensure you never lose track of a single conversation.
  • Review management – it simplifies the creation and publication of guest reviews.
    Task allocation helps to automatically assign duties to your cleaners and workers upon guest check-outs.

Though a vacation rental solution may require some financial expenses, over the long haul, it will bring a good ROI through the delivered business automation. Such a tool lets you streamline virtually every aspect of your short-stay rental business, so you do not need to hire additional employees to take care of your diverse accounts and listings.